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Championship prediction mini-league – fourth update

Time for another quick update on how things are going in the prediction mini-league. Once again, it’s a shifting picture following another weekend of – quite literally – unpredictable action. And that’s before getting into the whole Jim Gavin Up The Republic nonsense. Club 51’s moment in the sun proved a short one – top of the proverbial pops last […]

Mayo News football podcast – goalies and their parabolas

Monday lunchtime before (or, indeed, after) a big championship match involving us: that can mean only one thing. Yes, folks, it’s Mayo News football podcast time once again and this edition drills into a number of issues relating to Saturday’s do-or-die Round 2A qualifier clash with Derry. A tactical switch sees me sit this one out but host Rob Murphy […]

Saturday our sole focus now

The Gaelic football world is, understandably, all agog today at the brouhaha yesterday following Dublin’s evisceration of Westmeath in the kick-about formerly known as the Leinster football championship. Jim Gavin’s post-match outburst was hilarious at several levels – in particular the brazenly hypocritical one, given the filthy personal campaign that Dublin GAA proxies waged against Lee Keegan ahead of the […]

Championship prediction mini-league – third update

The first batch of matches in the qualifiers invariably leads to a Becher’s Brook situation in the prediction mini-league. This year was no different and so the updated leaderboard shows how the world has been reordered following last weekend’s matches. Out in front now are Club 51 (is the use of the plural term appropriate in this context?), with erstwhile […]

It’s Derry, Laois, Longford or Sligo

Photo: GAA So, with the Round 1A qualifier ties now all played our prospective Round 2A rivals have been narrowed down to a field of four. On Monday morning we’ll be paired against one of Derry, Laois, Longford or Sligo. We’ve championship experience against all of them relatively recently, including two unhappy meetings in the qualifiers. Our sole championship meetings […]