Following Mayo's footballers

Scorers from Saturday evening’s match

At this rate, we might even get details of the team that lined out against Clare. As expected, Aidan Campbell got the run-out at Johnno mentioned beforehand and it looks like he played well too, scoring three points. He wasn’t the only U21 medallist to play, or score, either: Mark Ronaldson got a goal and […]

Win over Clare, next up their neighbours Limerick

We beat Clare in last night’s challenge match. That’s a world exclusive, folks, as I haven’t seen it reported anywhere else as yet. And here’s another exclusive: we scored 1-14, they scored 1-8. The text message I got conveying this groundbreaking news didn’t, sadly, include any additional details as to what team we put out […]

A wider back door?

There’s some talk in the Indo about a motion that might come before the next GAA Congress in April to widen the back door in the Football Championship. The issue has been raised by the Ulster Council secretary, Danny Murphy, who feels that the current system is unfair to provincial champions. He has, apparently, got […]

Johnno on the Donegal defeat

Johnno has given his thoughts in the Mayo News on the defeat by Donegal. He sounds rueful enough, stating that we could have won it, pointing to the stage just after we got that fortunate goal where he felt we missed an opportunity to inflict greater damage on them: They were a little vulnerable after […]

Challenge game under lights on Saturday evening

There’s no NFL action this weekend but the lads will still get a run-out, with Paidi O Se’s Clare coming to Ballinrobe on Saturday evening (February 17th) to inaugurate the club’s new floodlights at Flanagan Park in the town. Throw-in is at 6.30pm. Kevin McStay mentions the upcoming challenge game in his regular column in […]

Donegal 1-13, Mayo 1-10: late scores send us home empty-handed

A bit like Ireland at Croke Park, really. On a day of such sporting significance – when the day’s action at Croke Park offered an alternative to what was happening in the GAA world – Mayo suffered a three-point reversal against Donegal up in Ballybofey. Although Donegal were on top for much of the game, […]

2-1 to us (that’s previews not the predicted result)

The tipsters tip marginally in our favour this time (I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not). Setanta are agin us, while RTE and the Irish Times (when you finally get to drag them away from the rugby) back us. No preview in the Indo but they have a good article by […]

Unchanged team for Sunday

Johnno has opted to go with the same starting fifteen for the Donegal match on Sunday, with just one positional switch from last Sunday’s anticipated-and-highly-insignificant-in-the-scheme-of-things victory over Kerry. The team for Sunday is: D Clarke; L O’Malley, J Kilcullen, K Higgins; D Heaney, BJ Padden, P Gardiner; D Brady, P Harte; A Moran, T Mortimer, […]

Morty’s cautious about Sunday too

Conor Mortimor is the latest to state the party line that Donegal will be a tough nut to crack on Sunday up at Ballybofey. Mort actually makes the valid point that Donegal came very close to beating Cork in last year’s quarter-final and, had they done so, they could well have given Kerry a tougher […]

Johnno speaks . . .

Of course he does. He’s a (wannabee) politician, isn’t he? But, away from the hustings, he’s also been speaking about the win over Kerry and Sunday’s upcoming clash with Donegal in Ballybofey. He’s not happy about the refereeing on Sunday, hardly surprising, though if he were Pat O’Shea, having lost Donaghy so early in the […]