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NFL Mini-League: the final result

The league’s over and so too is this year’s NFL prediction mini-league. We have a winner and that winner is Enda McGearty of Garrymore who managed to hold off a late, late surge from Albany to make it over the line first. Incidentally, both of the top two started the campaign poorly enough, with Enda […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 9 update

In Grand National parlance (if it’s still PC to mention the National at all) we’re now approaching the elbow in this year’s NFL results prediction mini-league. As the finishing line comes clearly into view it looks as if we’re left with a straight head-to-head between Garrymore’s Enda McGearty and Shane Prendergast from Claremorris. Enda retains […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 8 update

There’s one bit of housekeeping that remains to be done from last weekend, which is to provide an update on the NFL prediction mini-league. Here’s the new leaderboard following last weekend’s action: As you can see, Garrymore’s Enda McGearty is still out in front and is, I reckon, already wondering to himself whether his shiny […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 7 update

There wasn’t a full list of NFL fixtures last weekend and so this means that the mini-league leaderboard hasn’t altered to any significant degree compared to last week. The top four remains the same – with Enda McGearty still out in front – but with the competition now set to be decided by the concluding […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 6 update

For the third week in a row, the disappointment I felt due to a defeat for the county was last night once again assuaged somewhat by the discovery that I’d made another leap up the charts in the prediction mini-league. With two rounds to go, I’m now in second spot, only a short distance back […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 5 update

I’d meant to do this earlier in the week but what with the U21 match the other night and the absolute mare and its missus of a working week I’ve just had it totally slipped my mind. So before this weekend’s action, here’s the Mini-League leaderboard as it stands after the fifth round of NFL […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 4 update

We’ve now passed the halfway stage in this year’s league (well, everyone apart from ourselves and the Dubs have) and so the race to become dish ear’s Mayo GAA Blog NFL Prediction Mini-League champion (with kind thanks to Allianz and Face The Ball for making it all happen) is well underway too. It’s a race that […]

NFL Mini-League: Week 3 update

I never got around to posting an update for the NFL mini-league after the second round of matches a few weeks back so before I forget it again, here’s the situation after last weekend’s games. I’m not sure who was leading before the matches were played last weekend but what I do know is that […]

NFL Mini-League: how it looks after Week 1

Our lads may have done okay in their opening NFL Division One fixture last weekend but the same can’t be said of a lot of us in the NFL Mini-League. Usually it takes a few rounds to get the field strung out but as you’ll see from the table below, there’s already a fair bit […]

Match reports from Saturday night

Just in case you haven’t seen them all yet (unlikely, I suppose, given the hour I’ve finally got around to doing this) here are all the match reports I’ve come across detailing events at O’Moore Park on Saturday night: the Mayo Advertiser, RTÉ, Setanta, Irish Independent, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Breaking News and Hogan Stand. I […]