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Championship prediction mini-league 2017: the official launch

It’s championship launch season so, in that spirit, it’s time to crack the bottle of bubbly across the bow of this year’s championship prediction mini-league and let it slide of the slipway and into the sea. The cup for this tournament wintered in our gaff, where the young lad polished his silverware on a regular basis during those long, dark […]

Championship prediction mini-league: the final result

With the year’s championship action at last over, it’s also time to reveal the winner of this year’s championship prediction mini-league, powered once again by This one, I’m proud to say, is staying in-house. The young lad, trading under his Big Dog moniker, has been to the fore in the prediction stakes all summer and he had the mini-league […]

Championship prediction mini-league – second last update

It’s been a month since I did the last update in the prediction mini-league and so it’s as well to get this bulletin squared off and done before the madness of the build-up to the final takes hold in earnest. With only the big one left to play, this means there’s only one match left to predict in this year’s competition. […]

Championship prediction mini-league – seventh update

Just five games left to play – imagine! – in this year’s championship, the five ones where everything will be decided. Including, by the way, the All-Stars: I had to laugh on Sunday when Eamon O’Hara claimed on RTÉ Radio prior to throw-in between Tipp and Galway that Danny Cummins was a shoo-in for an award this year. ‘Was’ being […]