Looking ahead

Photo: jonizquierdo.com I think it really is time to start moving on from Saturday’s events and this week’s issue of the Mayo News (out today, paper and digital format) helps that process considerably. Daniel Carey has a piece on the front page of the sports section of the paper (here), which contains a very brief […]

Where to from here?

Okay, okay – so it proved to be more than yesterday’s news. The Indo has made sure of that, rolling out two follow-on pieces yesterday and another one today. Who knows? Maybe they have a whole week of content pre-cooked and ready to serve up to the nation. But, eventually, the big tent will come […]

Last year’s news

Photo: Irish Examiner So, the gift that keeps giving for the media provides its latest instalment. 5,000 words – all penned by Martin Breheny in today’s Irish Independent – of an in-depth interview with Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly about the events surrounding the heave against them a bit over a year ago. I haven’t […]

Pat and Noel do the honourable thing

Photo: Independent.ie I’m not long back in, with plenty of red wine coursing through my veins, but before I turn in I’d just like to add my voice to those expressing thanks and best wishes to Pat and Noel for doing the right thing earlier this evening. Walking away can’t have been easy for them […]

No white smoke from crisis talks

Tonight’s review meeting between County Board officials and players at MacHale Park has broken up without any comment from either side. As this report in the Mayo News confirms, around 30 players attended the meeting with the County Board reps, which lasted no more than ten minutes. That piece states that the players made no […]

Digging in?

Photo: Advertiser.ie As you can imagine, our dirty linen is draped in full view of the nation this morning, with plenty of coverage about the crisis that has engulfed Noel and Pat’s management of the county team. Perhaps the most significant piece is this one by Colm Keys in the Irish Independent where – confirming what Marty […]

A bad place for sure

Photo: Connaught Telegraph (Alison Laredo) I spent some time earlier on trying to put together a considered piece on the crisis that erupted into the open inside the last 24 hours but, having since watched the RTÉ News item and then Vincent Neary’s frankly embarrassing interview on Newstalk’s Off The Ball programme, I can see that now […]

No confidence vote by players passed

Photo: Irish Times Okay, it’s out officially – the story broken overnight by the Mayo News and the Connaught Telegraph that a majority of the players met on All-Ireland final weekend and passed a vote of no confidence in Noel Connelly and Pat Holmes. Notice of this vote was, according to Mike Finnerty who was […]

Donie staying on?

Photo: Hogan Stand After days of dark mutterings, it was good to see this report by Danny Carey in the Mayo News today providing something in the way of tangible information about the senior county set-up for next year.  It’s good news too, pointing towards the likelihood (though not yet the certainty) that Donie Buckley […]

Thoughts turning towards Sunday

That awful tragedy on Sunday night has, I think, fairly much knocked the stuffing out of many people. The utter senselessness of accidental death at such a tender age is beyond comprehension and at a time like this words are less than useless. As others have said, Darragh’s death also places Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final into […]