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U21 match against Derry is OFF

As the bush telegraph here on the site had already signalled earlier on today, it’s now been confirmed officially that tomorrow’s U21 North-West Cup match against Derry is off, due to the Oakleafers’ withdrawal from the tournament. Here’s the official confirmation of the cancellation: Due to the withdrawal of @Doiregaa from the U21 North West […]

New jersey unveiled

Photo: @MayoGAA The design of the new jersey was unveiled this afternoon, when it was announced that it’ll be available in Elvery’s from this coming Friday. New jersey designs always bring mixed views in their wake and this one will, I’m sure, be no different. But, lookit, it’s got some green and it’s got some […]

New jersey design on the way

The current jersey design – including the black and lime green ‘Dare to be Different’ variant of it – dates back to the start of the 2015 season. From the beatings of the social media jungle drums, it appears that a revamp is about to be unveiled. Last night, Mayo GAA tweeted this teaser: It’s […]

Daring to be different

Okay, the waiting is over – a short time ago @MayoGAA revealed the new away jersey and here how they did it: Here it is, our new alternative jersey which will be unveiled this Sunday! This year is Different! #DARETOBEDIFFERENT — Mayo GAA (@MayoGAA) January 30, 2015 Source: @MayoGAA According to the non-colour-blind wing […]

Into the black?

I’m as confused as the rest of you – perhaps even more so, given my colour-blindness – about this #daretobedifferent carry-on put about yesterday on Twitter by Elverys and the County Board and whether or not this means that a new away jersey, supposedly a black one, will be unveiled in Killarney on Sunday. It […]

New jersey available to pre-order

Photo: @Elverys Elvery’s announced yesterday evening that the new county jersey would be available to pre-order from today. And so it is – here. This is only for kids’ sizes and I’m not sure if adult sizes are available to order at this point but sure there’s a while to go yet until they’ll be […]