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The Dublin dossier

Photo: Going the qualifier route has thrown up all manner of new experiences and new routines. For me, one of them has been to do a post on each of our upcoming opponents in the championship ever since our unexpected Connacht semi-final loss to Galway back in June. At the start this was just to refresh my own memory about […]

Lake County lowdown

Photo: RTE A week tomorrow we’re back at Croke Park – for the first time since last September – with Westmeath barring our way to a sixth successive All-Ireland quarter-final appearance. So apart from being Joe Dolan’s birthplace and supposedly one-half (along with Meath) of an ancient fifth Irish province, what’s there to know about the Lake County and their recent […]

Mid-term report

It doesn’t seem long since the FBD league started in January but it’s nearly as far back in the past as a potential trip to Croker on 18th September would be in the future, thereby leaving us at mid-term of the footballing season. So what’s going well, what’s unclear and what’s on the “could do better” list? Back in December last, […]

A few NFL stats

Before our 2016 League season slips from the collective memory, it’s worth having a quick backward look about who played in the seven games, who scored in which games and all that. A brief summary of all this is set out in the table below. I’ll save you the job counting the rows in the table – the total number of […]