Following Mayo's footballers

The Dublin dossier

Photo: Going the qualifier route has thrown up all manner of new experiences and new routines. For me, one of them has been to do a post on each of our upcoming opponents in the championship ever since our unexpected Connacht semi-final loss to Galway back in June. At the start this was just […]

Lake County lowdown

Photo: RTE A week tomorrow we’re back at Croke Park – for the first time since last September – with Westmeath barring our way to a sixth successive All-Ireland quarter-final appearance. So apart from being Joe Dolan’s birthplace and supposedly one-half (along with Meath) of an ancient fifth Irish province, what’s there to know about […]

Mid-term report

It doesn’t seem long since the FBD league started in January but it’s nearly as far back in the past as a potential trip to Croker on 18th September would be in the future, thereby leaving us at mid-term of the footballing season. So what’s going well, what’s unclear and what’s on the “could do better” […]

Prediction mini-league 2016 – the final result

With the League over for another year so too ends this year’s prediction mini-league, the eighth one that’s been run here on the site. This year’s competition was once again brought to you with plenty of help and technical know-how by Allianz and This time round a record 118 contestants took part in the […]

No country for old men

Walking along the North Circular Road early this afternoon, it almost felt like All-Ireland final day. The vicinity was thronged and most of the people out on the streets looked like they were going to form part of the capacity crowd that was set to assemble at Croke Park. The weather was fine, the two […]

Poll: who’ll win the League final?

Photo: RTÉ The weather people are saying that it’ll be a touch colder over the weekend but the sun should still be shining and it looks like it’ll be close to a full house at Croke Park for this year’s NFL Division One and Two finals. Tyrone take on Cavan in the Division Two final […]

A few NFL stats

Before our 2016 League season slips from the collective memory, it’s worth having a quick backward look about who played in the seven games, who scored in which games and all that. A brief summary of all this is set out in the table below. I’ll save you the job counting the rows in the table […]

Evan Regan our MOTM from yesterday

Photo: The votes are in and counted in our final Man of the Match poll for this year’s National Football League campaign. For the second weekend in a row, the award goes to Evan Regan and this time he wins it in style, taking 76% of the vote. I don’t recall anyone coming remotely […]

Monday match reports

Photo: So here we are with our Division One status retained for another year and the final set of match-related paraphernalia for this particular League campaign to sort through and box away. No time like the present. Mayo GAA nerds can have no complaints about the weekend just gone: as well as the seniors […]

Mayo 1-19 Down 1-16: status secured despite late meltdown

Image: Bloody hell, we made hard work of that. Despite the many permutations about how Division One might finish up, a win for us today against Down at MacHale Park was always likely to keep us up. It was a win we got but the way we fell asunder in the final quarter almost resulted […]