Championship restructure proposals look good

Photo: The 42 It’s difficult, I know, to think about anything else but Saturday at the minute but the GAA’s proposals, which were announced earlier on today and are here, to restructure the football championship are interesting. From an initial scan of them they look good and would certainly be an improvement on the current […]

Some other stuff to talk about

Right, yesterday’s tempest appears, thankfully, to have abated. Let’s keep it that way now, eh? Sometimes – especially at a time like this – the best thing to say is to say nothing at all. So I thought the nice photo above – one of Lough Tay that I snapped on a gruelling but great […]

A bit of catching-up

Image: @conorjdonnelly via Twitter The clock’s ticking down to Christmas, there’s a million and one things to be done and so, from my perspective at least, what’s been happening in the Mayo GAA world and the wider GAA sphere has had to take a bit of a back seat the last while. Time for a […]

Dubs seeking to tweak championship structure?

RTE is reporting this morning that the Dubs are thinking about submitting a motion to next year’s Congress aimed at altering the championship structure to deal with the situation whereby provincial champions are the only teams that can’t avail of a second chance.  Both ourselves and the Jacks were in this same boat this year […]

Home thoughts from abroad

Only a few quick one, mind, as I’m on a busy foreign trip with lots of foreigners looking for work off me.  Lads, I had to leave the bed at 4.45 am (Irish time, and all) this morning and that for the joys of Ryanair, so can you please stop roaring at me in those […]

Couldn’t have put it better myself

There’s a good article in today Indo, which touches on many of the points I raised last week (as well as last year) on the ludicrously lop-sided and downright unfair nature of the present Championship structure. I assume the piece is written by Martin Breheny – long a critic of the current set-up – but […]

It’s all in the numbers

This coming September, my eldest daughter will swap the co-educational existence she’s had since starting school for a very different girls-only environment as she heads “upstairs” to the senior primary school. For her, that’ll be the end of co-ed, as the local secondary schools are also single-sex ones. Coming from the country, where such structures […]

Well-intentioned stupidity?

I’m still scratching my head about all those resolutions on player burnout that were passed at that Special Congress yesterday. You know the one, the event hailed by GAA capo di tutti capi Nickey Brennan as a “spectacular” day for the GAA and, in particular, for clubs. Well, at least that spectacularly idiotic proposal to […]

Larry said a bad word on the radio yesterday

Twice, in fact. And, as Mrs Doyle would say, it was that bad ‘f’ one and all. The Larry in question was Larry Tompkins and he was a guest on Dessie Ah Now! Cahill’s half-hour stint on Radio 1 yesterday evening. I can’t point you to a link for it because the lazy fuckers (oops!) […]

Ronan and the possible demise of minor and U21s

This ever-advancing darkness isn’t, I find, conducive to thinking about stuff relating to Gaelic football, less still to writing about it. Hence the lack of activity here, which is likely to remain the case till things crank up again early in the New Year. But there are the odd few nuggets, two to be precise, […]