Further expansion of the results archive

I had intended to do this update a few days ago. But then all hell broke lose on that other matter (with the Indo still manfully doing their best, six days on, to keep that flame alight) so this issue, also a historical one but with involving considerably less blood on the carpet, had to […]

Looking ahead

Photo: jonizquierdo.com I think it really is time to start moving on from Saturday’s events and this week’s issue of the Mayo News (out today, paper and digital format) helps that process considerably. Daniel Carey has a piece on the front page of the sports section of the paper (here), which contains a very brief […]

This long, long championship season

The flowers in the photo above are, I gather, known as Michaelmas daisies (Aster amellus), and they bloom every September at the bottom of our garden.  I always consider it a good year for us football-wise if we’re still in it when they start to flower but this year they’re already beginning to wane and our championship […]

The Premier file

Photo: Independent.ie I’d planned for some time to be away now, as it’s the only bit of the summer that suits as holiday time for us all. If we were in Sunday’s semi-final as Connacht champions I’d have missed it and the curious way that the qualifiers have sent us back along the same route […]

Some stuff on Tyrone

It’s Wednesday already and so our latest make-or-break challenge – by far the biggest one we’ve faced this year – is fast approaching. It comes in the form of Ulster champions Tyrone, three-time All-Ireland winners in the Noughties but a county against whom we’ve got a decent enough championship record. The most recent time we […]

Lake County lowdown

Photo: RTE A week tomorrow we’re back at Croke Park – for the first time since last September – with Westmeath barring our way to a sixth successive All-Ireland quarter-final appearance. So apart from being Joe Dolan’s birthplace and supposedly one-half (along with Meath) of an ancient fifth Irish province, what’s there to know about […]

Lowdown on the Lilywhites

Photo: gaaresults.ie So the draw has paired us at home against Kildare, a match that’ll be played next weekend. An announcement is expected shortly on the precise details for the game. (UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed that the game will take place on Saturday evening at 7pm). As I mentioned last night, we’ve only ever played […]

Time to start thinking about Galway

It’s been a bit of a distracting week here, what with the Junior Cert rearing its ugly head in this household for the first time, so the days have gone by in a bit of a blur. But gone by they have and so we’re knocking on the door of another weekend already. So far […]

Time to think about Kerry

Photo: MichaelMaye.com Okay, that’s enough resting on the laurels following the win in Clones. It’s Wednesday already and, along with remembering to put the bins out later on, it’s time to be thinking about the match against Kerry on Sunday. This is the second of our three home games in this year’s League campaign. The […]

Results archive expansion

Somebody remarked the other day that a lull appeared to have at last descended here on the blog. About bloody time too – for a while there I thought there’d be no downtime at all this year, though with the 2016 FBD campaign getting underway in a little over three weeks from now the closed season […]