Following Mayo's footballers

Spending and income both up sharply this year

Photo: The County Convention takes place this Sunday, where Mayo GAA finances will, no doubt, get a good airing. Ahead of this, there’s an interesting report today in The 42 (here) detailing a number of major items in the 2016 accounts, which will be presented at the Convention. As you’ll see from the linked […]

Championship restructure proposals look good

Photo: The 42 It’s difficult, I know, to think about anything else but Saturday at the minute but the GAA’s proposals, which were announced earlier on today and are here, to restructure the football championship are interesting. From an initial scan of them they look good and would certainly be an improvement on the current […]

Hurlers and Juniors do the business + remembering Joe McDonagh

Photo: @MayoGAA Well, it’s been a productive weekend for the county, with two of its less heralded teams claiming significant wins. Both the hurlers and the Junior footballers had to battle for their respective victories but in both cases their hard work and effort paid off. The hurlers looked to be well on their way […]

Some other stuff to talk about

Right, yesterday’s tempest appears, thankfully, to have abated. Let’s keep it that way now, eh? Sometimes – especially at a time like this – the best thing to say is to say nothing at all. So I thought the nice photo above – one of Lough Tay that I snapped on a gruelling but great […]

The day before

So the week’s flown by and already we’ve reached the day before the replay of our All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin. Are we nearly ready for it? We’ve little choice but to be. Last night it was a case of another night, another Diarmuid Connolly appeal, the second unsuccessful one he’s now made against the one-match […]

Team named, Connolly’s ban upheld

Serves me right for sitting down after the kids had gone to bed to watch the match all over again, eh? I deliberately didn’t check my phone during this time and so it’s only now that I’m catching up on all the two significant news items that have broken in the meantime. First, there’s our […]

Last word on Limerick

Photo: There’s plenty in the papers today about the fall-out from the decision to stage our replay with Kerry down in Limerick and while none of this will help to calm you down some of it is┬ástill worth a read. A lot of focus has understandably been given to the high-handed, arrogant and utterly […]

Monday match reports

Not even the miserable wet weather, the impending end of the kids’ school holidays and the more general return to all the routine and activities that go with this can dampen the mood this morning. Images from yesterday’s pulsating All-Ireland semi-final are still dancing round my brain and it’ll take a while for those cameos […]

Colour confusion

Photo: Mayo Mick I know that all you lot want at this stage is the team news but, in the few hours left before the starting fifteen for Sunday is announced, it’s as well – prompted as I was in the comments last night – to get this one off my chest first. This is […]

A hundred years of Croker

Photo of Croke Park cake: GAA (via Twitter) The GAA is today celebrating the centenary of its purchase of a humble field on Jones’s Road, which nowadays goes by the name of Croke Park. The previous owner was Frank Dineen (he of Dineen Hill 16 fame, who in his time served as both President and […]