Following Mayo's footballers


We had a long day of travelling all day yesterday, sampling the delights of transiting through a chock-full – or, as Jeremy Corbyn might say, “ram-packed” – London Gatwick in the process. Bloody hell but the world is full of people. It was gone dark last night when we eventually made it safely back into the jurisdiction. […]

Far and near

So it’s Thursday and the time is ticking remorselessly on towards the county’s All-Ireland SFC semi-final meeting with Tipperary on Sunday at Croke Park (throw-in 3.30pm). It’ll be our sixth semi-final appearance in a row while Tipp will be experiencing the rarified atmosphere of being in the last four for the first time in the […]


Image: We’re back home, with more than two weeks to go until our All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin so with plenty of time to start a nice, long countdown to what should be a shuddering showdown between two top-class teams zeroing in on the big prize. It’s good to be back even if, in an […]


Photo: We’ve had the sun, we’ve had the sea, we’ve had the beers but now all that’s behind us and having arrived home late (very late) last night, it’s back to normality once again. There’s been loads, I know, going on in the GAA world over the last few weeks and the Connacht final […]

Galway in, I’m out of here

So, as expected, Galway came through their Connacht semi-final against Sligo a bit earlier on this evening in Markiewicz Park. I didn’t see the match (neither did many, I’d say – it was the live game on Sky) and I don’t have too much time to dwell on it either. This is because we’re heading […]


We’re back home, having finally arrived in from London last night. We’re currently in the midst of just-back-home chaos with the build-up to Sunday’s Connacht final needing to be added to the mix as well. There have, I know, been plenty of developments in relation to the squad over the last few weeks, with more […]


We’re in London, on the final leg of our hols before we head home on Tuesday night. We arrived here yesterday to find the weather even hotter than where we’d come from and, unlike there, there’s no cooling sea breeze here to moderate the oppressive heat. But whatever the weather, London can often be a […]

Still away

Don’t mind me – I’m still away and only just sticking my head around the door to check that the place remains in one piece, which I’m happy to see is the case. I’m not even going to try to grig you about the weather because I’m well aware that, happily, this would be to […]


Time to check in on happenings at home, I reckon. I almost feel guilty about having sloped off to the sun ahead of last weekend’s action, resulting in my missing the minors’ stirring extra-time victory and poor old Leitrim ending up on the wrong end of a fairytale result (it sure takes an odd championship […]

I’m outta here

The kids are officially on their summer hols in a bit over an hour from now and we’re all, as John Denver put it all those years ago, leaving on a jet plane later on this evening. In recent years the beach has taken precedence over the Connacht final for me but our planning, as […]