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Retrospective on those five wins over Galway

It’s been a fair while since our championship season was defined by how we got on against the neighbours but, having played them down the years a grand total of 85 times in the championship since our first clash back in 1902, our frequent summer clashes against Galway certainly makes the fixture our greatest rivalry. A proper rivalry it is […]

Feeney’s annual sounding-off + change of date for Sligo clash

Like the Late, Late Toy Show, the appearance of all these temporary skating rinks, hairshirt budgets and the return of Operation Freeflow, County Secretary Sean Feeney’s annual pronouncements have become part of the jolly pre-Yuletide landscape.  The Indo has a piece this morning summarising (in a scrupulously fair manner, no doubt – this is the Indo we’re talking about after […]

Johnno on ref performances + more match coverage

There’s an interesting interview with Johnno in today’s Indo where he calls for the assessments made on referee’s performances to be made public.  He does so in light of Joe McQuillan’s spectacularly awful performance the last day but, in doing so, he’s at pains to point out that he’s not holding the ref, the bollix, accountable for our defeat by […]

Up for the match

Well, here we go: it’s a bit after nine in the morning and, in just under five hours, battle with the Royals at HQ will get underway. For the first time in ages, I’m not faced with hours behind the wheel before and after the game and instead we’ll head off from here a bit before one in the afternoon.  […]