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The end or the beginning – now is the time to decide

For some further reflections on Sunday’s result, I’m delighted to welcome back into the guest slot Stateside Dean who argues that we must use the experience from this year’s loss to drive us onto greater things in 2013. Anyone who has played Gaelic football, hurling, or any sport for that matter, and has experienced a championship loss, no matter the level […]

And so it ends

Photo: Nat Telliya (@rodgegella) via Twitter Well, that’s it then. The final itself is well and truly over and the homecoming is too – fair play to everyone who turned out, by the way, in atrocious weather conditions down at McHale Park yesterday evening for the lads’ official return to home territory – as the curtain comes down on our […]


It’s here. Dawn hasn’t yet broken but like many of you, I suspect, I’ve done all the sleeping I’m going to do ahead of the 2012 All-Ireland final. It’s just under nine hours until throw-in and although Croke Park and its environs are still quiet and empty now, it won’t be long before this calm prelude gives way to a […]

The day before

Photo: Tomas Groden via Twitter (@tomasgroden) Saturday – the eve of this year’s All-Ireland final, where, as we head towards the end of September with the evenings now closing in rapidly, the leaves falling in ever greater numbers and nighttime temperatures already exhibiting the first hints of winter, we find ourselves still absorbed by championship football and our lads’ central […]