Nearly there for the rematch

Photo: @louisemchugh With all the brouhaha that’s been going on about the Leeroy and Diarmuid tango – which reached a delicious apotheosis yesterday with #ThingsLeeDid – you’d be forgiven for losing focus on the match itself. We can’t afford to do so, though, as it’s coming close now, very close in fact, with throw-in at 5pm […]

Action, meet reaction

It’s a bit like Newton’s third law of motion right now with the whole Leemuid business. Unveiled as a fairly shabby and transparent attempt to blacken our man’s reputation, Dublin’s amateur hour effort at dirty tricks has over the last 24 hours produced a strong and vociferous reaction from our side of the fence. Better […]

Mayo News football podcast: replay preview

It’s Mayo News football podcast time again and this one is the first of a two-part series setting the scene ahead of Saturday evening’s All-Ireland final replay. In this edition, Rob Murphy previews Saturday’s rematch with Seán Rice and Edwin McGreal of the Mayo News and I have some chat with Rob as well about […]

Dub campaign to smear Lee gathers pace

Photo: Irish Independent Another day, another article in the Dublin-centric “national” media quoting a former Dublin player alleging that a current Dublin player, Diarmuid Connolly, was targeted unfairly by one of our players. Yes, folks, it’s the latest round in the smear-Lee-Keegan campaign and you can read it in the Irish Independent here. Clarke’s critique […]

Ramping up again

The start of a new week and once more we’re in build-up mode. The journey on this long and winding road – one that’s taken the team from Ruislip, back to MacHale Park and onwards to Croke Park, for what on Saturday will be our fifth championship match there this year – is nearly done. […]


In the film Heat we have an iconic coming together of two greats in what’s known as the Restaurant Scene. De Niro, the bad guy, Pacino, the cop, come face to face. They talk, the scene is mesmerising. Both, though on opposite sides, have a lot in common. I suspect they even like each other. […]

The hunt for green and red October

Photo: Mayo News A week to go to the replay – and it’s raining once more up here in the capital! – so the focus is starting to narrow in on the game that’s there to be played, the contest that’s there to be won. There’s the prize too, of course, but don’t mind that […]

This long, long championship season

The flowers in the photo above are, I gather, known as Michaelmas daisies (Aster amellus), and they bloom every September at the bottom of our garden.  I always consider it a good year for us football-wise if we’re still in it when they start to flower but this year they’re already beginning to wane and our championship […]

Wake me up when September ends

Not all heroes named Willie Joe wear football boots. I had been let down by my ticketing source. A source that to their credit had supplied me all year but, much like Annie Power in the Mares’ Hurdle at Cheltenham in 2015, had let me down at the final hurdle. It was Wednesday last when […]

Midweek round-up

Photo: @MayoGAA It’s Wednesday again, I still haven’t re-watched the game in full and there’s a whole pile of stuff to dangle in front of you before a load of work stuff has to be sorted to. Replays, huh, who’d be without them? Let’s start with the stuff from the press evening down at Breaffy […]