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From the bog to the blog

In a WhatsApp group I’m in, one man took great pleasure in Mayo’s late win over Roscommon. “That’s the stuff for them bloggers,” he wrote. I thought that was a tad harsh on poor Willie Joe and his ilk. Or unfair on the Rossies, depending on your outlook. Of course auto-correct was playing havoc with him and he meant to […]


Can you believe it? I find it difficult to but it’s true: today the blog has reached the ripe old age of ten. Ten eventful years they’ve been too, full of giddy highs and crashing lows, though thankfully we’ve had more of the former than the latter. It sure has been a hell of a ride attempting to chronicle all […]

Site stats update

One of my New Year’s jobs early every January is to have a look back on the traffic numbers for the site for the previous twelve months and to see how these compare with previous years. It’s that time of year again so here’s the end-2016 update. I first began gathering traffic data (using StatCounter) a few months after I’d started […]

Another million racked up

Source: Statcounter A few minutes ago the hit count (i.e. page views) so far in 2016 went above the million mark. Last year – when a total of 2.1 million page views were recorded – this level wasn’t reached until near the end of July. It’s perhaps safe to assume, then, that the high watermark for 2015 will also be breached before the […]

Site stats update

For the last few years I’ve done a post in early January providing an overview of traffic to the site over the previous twelve months, placing this information in the context of traffic generated since the blog’s inception, which is close to nine years ago now. So, then, here’s the end-2015 picture. The first graph below illustrates how 2015 fared […]