Site back up

Photo: As well as noticing Jupiter in the night sky last night, you may also have clocked that the site went AWOL and was out of action for several hours. It was all my fault – in an idle moment I decided to install a few plug-in updates (the blogging equivalent of picking wax […]

No team announcement until tomorrow night

There I was labouring under the false assumption that we’d be announcing our starting fifteen for Sunday’s encounter with Tyrone at MacHale Park (throw-in 2pm) at some stage this evening but it was confirmed a short while ago that the team won’t in fact be named until 9pm tomorrow night: The Mayo Senior Football Team […]

Site stats update

It’s become a habit of mine in recent years to do a post in early January on the site’s traffic stats over the previous twelve months so it’s time for me to do the January 2015 one. Here it is. As the chart below shows, 2014 was another bumper year traffic-wise, with the 2013 annual […]

Comments policy – a further update

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve had to take another look at the comments policy here on the site and revise it in light of events over the weekend. I’ve now done so and the revised and expanded policy is here. For ease of reference, I’ve flagged the new rules that have been added […]

Time to look forward

The dust has yet to settle (apart from that bloody stuff from the Sahara that’s all over the cars hereabouts) on the Dubs match but already it’s time to start thinking ahead to next Sunday’s clash with Division One table-toppers Derry back on home soil at MacHale Park. All told, I think it’s good that […]

In our hands, in your hands

All calmed down now are we? All those frustrations that just had to be got out after the match last night safely flushed through the system? Good, because now it’s my turn for a rant. It would have been nice to focus on the aftermath of the game – I recorded the re-run of it […]

Anyone fancy doing a few FBD match reports?

Photo: New York Times Regular readers will know that I rarely make it to any of the FBD games. I’m based in Dublin so heading west in January to catch the pre-season action first-hand has invariably fallen outside my radar. In the seven years of this site’s existence I think I’ve only ever gone to […]

Some stats for the New Year

Source: With another year done and dusted, it’s interesting (well, it is for me at least) to look back on traffic stats on the site for the year. It’s been another amazing year in this respect with a 54% increase in hits recorded compared to 2012 (which itself saw a 97% rise relative to […]

Overdue update of comments policy

This one has been on my mind for some time but the recent manner in which things have turned a bit ugly on the comments side of the site means that I can’t put it off any longer. I know there’s plenty of anger, frustration, disappointment and all the rest swirling round the joint since […]

Two million

As I mentioned in the comments last night, the site is about to hit another milestone at some point today when the cumulative hits total goes over the two million mark. The one million level was reached in early April last year but the team’s run to the All-Ireland final and the generally higher profile […]