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Time to look forward

The dust has yet to settle (apart from that bloody stuff from the Sahara that’s all over the cars hereabouts) on the Dubs match but already it’s time to start thinking ahead to next Sunday’s clash with Division One table-toppers Derry back on home soil at MacHale Park. All told, I think it’s good that we have another important match […]

Some stats for the New Year

Source: With another year done and dusted, it’s interesting (well, it is for me at least) to look back on traffic stats on the site for the year. It’s been another amazing year in this respect with a 54% increase in hits recorded compared to 2012 (which itself saw a 97% rise relative to 2011), driving the annual hit […]

Two million

As I mentioned in the comments last night, the site is about to hit another milestone at some point today when the cumulative hits total goes over the two million mark. The one million level was reached in early April last year but the team’s run to the All-Ireland final and the generally higher profile in recent times of everything […]

Now that I’m six

As Mayo Mick alluded to earlier on in the comments, today is a day of some meaning here on the site as it’s exactly six years since its inception. My, how time flies … The more that time goes by, the more I wonder how much longer I can keep this going but, don’t worry, I’m not going to descend […]

2012 stats

With the old year now gone on us, I’ve just had a look at the stats on total visits to the site over the course of 2012. By any measure, it was in this respect a truly amazing year, with a total of 680,121 hits on the site during 2012 which represents a 97% increase on the total recorded in […]

A passion for tactics

Following the fortunes of a team in any sport is, in large part, a thing of the heart, an emotional rollercoaster that can fling you euphorically skywards but can equally plunge you to the depths of despair. It’s not uncommon, indeed, to experience both emotions over the course of a single afternoon. From the supporter’s standpoint, it’s difficult to feel […]