Following Mayo's footballers

Now that I’m six

As Mayo Mick alluded to earlier on in the comments, today is a day of some meaning here on the site as it’s exactly six years since its inception. My, how time flies … The more that time goes by, the more I wonder how much longer I can keep this going but, don’t worry, […]

2012 stats

With the old year now gone on us, I’ve just had a look at the stats on total visits to the site over the course of 2012. By any measure, it was in this respect a truly amazing year, with a total of 680,121 hits on the site during 2012 which represents a 97% increase […]

A passion for tactics

Following the fortunes of a team in any sport is, in large part, a thing of the heart, an emotional rollercoaster that can fling you euphorically skywards but can equally plunge you to the depths of despair. It’s not uncommon, indeed, to experience both emotions over the course of a single afternoon. From the supporter’s […]

London fundraiser, team open evening and other stuff

With all the excitement about the drawn hurling final there’s very little being said as yet about the football decider even if there’s only twelve days to go now until it takes place. That doesn’t mean, however, that nothing is happening – just that perhaps it’s time to wheel out that old analogy about the […]

Back on the Blog Awards shortlist

The Blog Awards are back – albeit under new management, with Grafton Media now running what they’ve styled as the Blog Awards Ireland – and I discovered late last night that this humble house has been shortlisted for an award under the Sport/Recreation category. So too, by the way, has fellow sports blog, whose editor […]

Monday miscellany

It’s Monday morning, I know, but – hey – the sun is shining and it’s not pissing rain (not, as yet, in these parts anyway) and we’ve now less than a week to wait before the lads finally play a championship match this year. It sure has been a long time coming (equally so in […]

Welcome to Mayo GAA Blog 3.0

We’ve done our re-designing, refreshing and miscellaneous under-the-bonnet lifting and shifting, with the results of all this endeavour now plain to see. Welcome to Mayo GAA Blog 3.0, hombres. Despite all the change in terms of look and feel, much of the basic underlying design remains in place but you can no doubt see that […]

Prepare for V3.0

Okay, I’ve been promising this for quite a while but today’s the day it’s going to happen: the overdue site re-design that I’ve been talking about for some time is now complete and is ready to be unveiled. Version 2.0 (i.e. the current one – here’s V1.0 if you’ve forgotten what the original looked like) […]

Championship results books published + GAA blogs

You know me and old results – in my spare time, I’m still working my way through the archive appended to James Laffey’s book and have now uploaded onto the site here everything as far back as 1936 – so when I was told the other day that four separate GAA results books had just […]

Thanks a million

We’re only back in the capital a few hours having spent a very enjoyable few days down at the home place in Mayo but just after we got back here and while we were sorting the kids out post-trip and all that, a significant milestone relating to the site was reached: the cumulative hit count […]