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Site stats update

For the last few years I’ve done a post in early January providing an overview of traffic to the site over the previous twelve months, placing this information in the context of traffic generated since the blog’s inception, which is close to nine years ago now. So, then, here’s the end-2015 picture. The first graph below illustrates how 2015 fared […]

Global connectivity and Galway (not forgetting London)

Photo: The draws for the 2016 provincial championships were held last night – several months too early, as per usual with the GAA – but I haven’t had much time to think about the pairings. This is because bits of the internet, in particular the bit connecting the EU to the US, got a bad dose of constipation yesterday […]

Thoughts turning towards Sunday

That awful tragedy on Sunday night has, I think, fairly much knocked the stuffing out of many people. The utter senselessness of accidental death at such a tender age is beyond comprehension and at a time like this words are less than useless. As others have said, Darragh’s death also places Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final into context. Sure, it’s an enormous […]

Millions of reasons to love this team

Image: Statcounter Yesterday saw an unusual alignment of the stars in the Mayo GAA Blog world. In the morning, the cumulative hit count on the site topped five million and then later in the afternoon the total page views for 2015 went over the million mark, as the image above illustrates. The figures got me thinking about the rollercoaster we’ve […]

Site back up

Photo: As well as noticing Jupiter in the night sky last night, you may also have clocked that the site went AWOL and was out of action for several hours. It was all my fault – in an idle moment I decided to install a few plug-in updates (the blogging equivalent of picking wax out of your ear) and […]

Site stats update

It’s become a habit of mine in recent years to do a post in early January on the site’s traffic stats over the previous twelve months so it’s time for me to do the January 2015 one. Here it is. As the chart below shows, 2014 was another bumper year traffic-wise, with the 2013 annual hit count of just over […]

Time to look forward

The dust has yet to settle (apart from that bloody stuff from the Sahara that’s all over the cars hereabouts) on the Dubs match but already it’s time to start thinking ahead to next Sunday’s clash with Division One table-toppers Derry back on home soil at MacHale Park. All told, I think it’s good that we have another important match […]