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Tonight’s open night at MacHale Park

Image: @MayoGAA A very popular addition to the GAA’s annual calendar in recent years is the open night that each county hosts, where supporters young and old can get up close and personal with their heroes. Tonight’s the night for the Mayo GAA one, with the event getting underway at MacHale Park at 6pm this evening. Thankfully, the weather looks […]

Self-scanners at MacHale Park on Sunday

I’m all for technological progress (without it, I guess, we’d all be still living in caves scratching our posteriors with the jawbone of an ass, or whatever that metaphor is supposed to be) and so I can only applaud the latest piece of hi-tech wizardry that season ticket holders are going to encounter at the entrance to MacHale Park shortly […]

MacHale Park or Pearse Stadium for the Connacht final

This has, I know, been debated a bit already in the comments but it’s worth confirming that this year’s Connacht final will either be played at MacHale Park or at Pearse Stadium. Which one it is depends on the outcome of tomorrow evening’s semi-final between Galway and Sligo: if the former come through then, by virtue of our home-and-away arrangement […]

What’s in a name?

Terry Reilly has an interesting piece in today’s Irish Examiner about the subtle alteration that has recently occurred in the spelling of the name of the county ground and why this has taken place. Like myself, you may not have noted that McHale Park has recently mutated to become MacHale Park (let’s leave the Elvery’s bit out of it for […]