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Monday match reports

Photo: It’s Monday and it’s time to roll out the coverage on yesterday’s match. I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning so no time for standing on ceremony about it. Here goes. Locals: Mayo Advertiser, Connaught Telegraph. Nationals: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Mirror, Irish Sun, Irish News. Others: GAA, RTÉ, The 42, Hogan Stand, […]

Monday match reports

Photo: Match day, match report day, match day, match report day. Yesterday was match day so, yes, you’ve guessed it, that makes today match report day. Back in its favoured Monday slot too. Could life possibly get any better? Slim enough pickings in the hopper this morning, I’m afraid. GAA stories never take centre-stage in January at the best […]

Twelve-man Galway grind it out in the wind and rain

Photo: @Mayonewssport Despite the wet and windy weather, a big crowd of over 2,500 assembled at MacHale Park tonight for the refixed FBD League game between ourselves and Galway. What they got to witness sounded like a real blood and thunder pre-season clash, one in which the visitors extended their recent winning run over us, this time despite having no […]

Return of the match reports

Photo: Last day for me over here, I’m travelling back overnight tonight but before then it’s time for a quick gallop through the first batch of match reports and related coverage of this year. As it’s the FBD some of these are round-up pieces, which also include the Roscommon/Sligo match that was also played last night. Anyway, here they […]

Dublin 1-17 Mayo 1-16: heartbreak ending yet again

So near and yet so far. For the third time in five years, we’ve come up short in a final against Dublin by a single, miserable point. Sport sure can be horribly, unforgivably cruel at times. We certainly know this more than most. You’ll understand, I’m sure, that I’m in no fit state right now to spend the time that […]