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Mayo 0-9 Dublin 0-9: two poor teams, one poor ref and a poor draw

If yesterday’s football – both the oval ball version over in Cardiff and, closer to home, the dramatic U21 victory over the Rossies – could be classified as the champagne variety, then today’s tipple was, by contrast, the flattest of flat beers.  It was worse than that: it was like a rancid old pint of Guinness that’s been left so […]

Match reports + Face The Ball Week 4 results

I’ll explain about the beardy lads in the photo in a minute, but before I do here’s the usual Monday-morning-after-the-game-the-day-before link-fest to all the online match reports you might want to read.  Here they are: the Times, the Indo and, given that it’s a Munster team we were playing, de Paper even deigns to provide one.  The Mayo Advertiser, who […]