Fermanagh 1-7, Mayo 0-12: rain, mud and two points

The weather forecast was right: it rained all day in Clones yesterday. The forecasts about the match were right too, but we had to fight hard enough in the rain and the muck to grind out the two-point win. The playing conditions were woeful, on a heavy, leaden pitch where the ball refused to bounce […]

Mayo 1-10, Limerick 0-7: early scores prove decisive

Mayo secured two valuable league points yesterday at Castlebar but their six-point win over Limerick was anything but convincing. The visitors kicked ten wides and twice hit the posts late on so the winning margin flattered us somewhat. It’s worth noting that while the 1-10 we scored yesterday was good enough for a win, the […]

Donegal 1-13, Mayo 1-10: late scores send us home empty-handed

A bit like Ireland at Croke Park, really. On a day of such sporting significance – when the day’s action at Croke Park offered an alternative to what was happening in the GAA world – Mayo suffered a three-point reversal against Donegal up in Ballybofey. Although Donegal were on top for much of the game, […]

Mayo 1-11, Kerry 0-11: the bandwagon begins to roll

Well, The Messiah did it. It wasn’t the All-Ireland (nor was it snatching the last seat for Fine Gael in the General Election), it most definitely didn’t count as revenge, or even the merest hint of revenge, over the All-Ireland champions but it was a win – and a good one at that – in […]