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Happy Christmas

It’s gone midnight and so it’s already Christmas Eve, possibly my favourite day of the whole festive period. With less than 24 hours to go now to the big day itself, it’s definitely time to call a halt to proceedings here and put the feet up for a while. Twelve months ago I noted that […]

Out with the old, in with the new

Photo: So, once again it’s almost time to bid farewell to the year that was and later on tonight prepare to welcome in the shiny, new one that comes mewling into the world at the stroke of midnight. Out with another year of what might have been, in with one of what might just […]

Happy Christmas

After another eventful year for Mayo GAA it’s time once again to shut up the shop, crack open the craft beers and enjoy the festive season. Before signing off, I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the site this year, whether you were reading, commenting or penning a guest piece. It’s been a truly […]

So long, 2014

Image: It’s not yet New Year’s Eve but we’re up and off early in the morning to catch the New Year’s festivities way out west. This, then, is just a brief one to say farewell to the old hag of a year that has a day and a bit left to go as the world […]

Happy Christmas

So once again it’s that time of year when the world falls in love when every song you hear … yes, those little buggers have moved the dial over to Christmas FM again and sure why not, isn’t the Christmas almost here? It is, apparently and so once again it’s time to bring the metaphorical […]

Happy Christmas

Once again, Christmas is almost upon us following another tumultuous #mayogaa year, this one having delivered an All-Ireland title for us. We wanted the big one too, of course, but winning the Tom Markham Cup does mean that we can mark down 2013 as one where we saw some tangible success and, having licked our […]

Happy Christmas

It’s very close to Christmas Day itself and I meant to post this earlier on but ended up getting way-laid on other stuff. In any event it’s just a quick one to wish everyone all the best for Christmas and to say thanks to all who called around or contributed to the site in some […]

Shortcut to Hallelujah

Mick Donnellan has been in touch to let me know about his play Shortcut to Hallelujah, which the Truman Town Theatre will shortly be bringing to the stage at the Town Hall Theatre in Galway. The play was previously performed in Galway (at the Town Hall Studio) last August, in Ballinrobe (in the Valkenburg) last September […]

Happy Christmas everyone

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and the excitement levels here are rising faster than the S&P 500 has done this week. With a bit over 24 hours left before the Ho, Ho, Ho-ing gets go, go, going I can see that it’ll be tough to keep the lid on things around here in the […]

Happy White Christmas

Well, although the prevailing weather has been a proper pain in the hole of late, at least we’re about to get payoff, in the form of the whitest of white Christmases that most of us will have ever seen.  I doubt if we’ll be warbling that old Bing Crosby number with the same gusto in […]