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Catching up

I’m back on Holy Ground for the first time in a while and back on broadband too (Digital Divide how are you?) so I’m gradually starting to catch up with stuff, even if it means that work is beginning to catch up with me too. The minor team for Sunday will be announced tomorrow or the day after but before […]

Holiday time again

We’re heading off on hols in the morning, down to the far south-west of the country where I’m reliably informed that the internet hasn’t been invented yet.  As a result, things are likely to be quiet enough here for the next week or so. Just to keep you all going, though, I’ve stuck up a new poll on the site […]

Happy Christmas one and all

Well, here it is once again folks and once again I’m reaching for the corkscrew to open a rather nice Christmas bottle of red wine and proceed to get more than a little mellow by the fireside.  But before I do (and having brought to your attention the match report on and the post-match quotes relating to the over-40s All-Ireland […]

London’s calling

Well, the environs of it at any rate.  We’re all off to Blighty early in the morning for the weekend and we’re planning to make it down to Central London at some point tomorrow where what’s in the picture is firmly on the agenda. With a bit of luck, we’ll have confirmation shortly as to where the showdown with the […]

Things of interest

One of the nice aspects about this self-appointed position of mine is that people tell you things, things that they want others to know, which in turn gives me things to write about.  And so the world goes round.  I’ve had a few of these in the inbox this week so, in no particular order, here goes: First up, Club […]

Face that ball!

Okay, given the day of the week what’s in it, I think it might be appropriate to bring something TGIF-ish to your attention.  I got an email the other day from the creator (who, incidentally, is a Mayoman) of a website called, which is a GAA (and rugby) prediction league website that he’s just set up.  Basically, the site […]