Following Mayo's footballers

Westward ho?

I’m back in one piece from London, where I had quite a pleasant mixture of work and catching up with people I used to know a whole lot better when I lived over there some years back.  Since moving back to Dublin well over a decade ago, I’ve always enjoyed going back to London and […]

And so this is Christmas

Right – time to haul down the shutters for the festive season and take things easy for the next week or so.  Excitement levels are building here, with the little Dubs licking their chomps in anticipation at what the lad in the red suit will have in store for them on Christmas morning (Dublin or, […]

A very worthy cause

It’s the season for giving and, in this spirit, it’s only right to highlight an activity taking place between now and Christmas in support of an extremely worthy cause.  The latter is the Marie Carolan Fund (more details on that here) while the former is a sponsored bike ride by five lads which starts this […]

Suddenly, we don’t look so bad

There was this great scene in the second season of Prison Break, when the lads had just busted out of Fox River and the reprehensible T-Bag had foolishly parted company for a time with his hand. Having got a vet to reattach it, T-Bag showed his gratitude by informing his hapless helper that he was […]

Going incognito in the Kingdom

This’ll give you a laugh: Mrs WJ and I are off down to Kerry this afternoon, where tomorrow we’re attending the wedding of a good friend. The groom is a Mayoman and we’ve experienced more than our fair share of ups and downs following the county team together over the years, so much so that […]

The road to (and from) the West just got bigger

It’s okay for you guys who can roll out of the bed around midday and then tootle a few miles down the Padraig Flynn Highway to get to Castlebar well in time for the throw-in. For those of us marooned up here in the Metropolis (admittedly, in my case, only a nice brisk stroll away […]

Deleted comments

In case anyone was wondering what happened to some of the comments they posted on the site over the last week or so, the explanation is that I had an IT accident the other evening which resulted in the deletion of a number of them. I was ploughing through the daily inflow of comment spam […]

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Tomorrow, in fact. For two whole weeks. With Mrs WJ and the Dubettes. To somewhere where it’s not raining every bloody minute and where, even if it does rain, it’ll be warm rain. And where it’s someone’s else’s problem (nay, their job) to do the cooking and the cleaning and all the rest. For two […]

Morning sun on Croke Park

Thankfully, I don’t have to traipse into town every morning to get to work – most days, I’m based at home – but I’m working on a project at the minute that requires me be on-site every day. (And every evening too but that’s another one). From where I’m based at home, at the edge […]

Vernal equinox

Today is one of those noteworthy astronomical ones: it is, in fact, the day on which the Vernal Equinox occurs. All over de wureld, like, day and night are of equal length today and up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s longer the days will keep getting, all the way up to the 21st of […]