Following Mayo's footballers

Where to from here?

Okay, okay – so it proved to be more than yesterday’s news. The Indo has made sure of that, rolling out two follow-on pieces yesterday and another one today. Who knows? Maybe they have a whole week of content pre-cooked and ready to serve up to the nation. But, eventually, the big tent will come […]

Horan positive about our final prospects

Photo: Sportsfile/Ramsey Cardy Eight days out now and at last it’s starting to feel like the build-up is on in earnest. The hit count here on the site went over two million for the year to date last night and this morning sees some coverage in the media about the big game. James Horan and […]

Match-day mood swings

Here’s something that will give you a laugh, at my expense. I did some audio with Rob Murphy last Saturday that has now found its way into this week’s Mayo News podcast and it features some incoherent squawking on my part with Rob prior to throw-in (upbeat), at half-time (we’re doomed!) and then after the […]

The day before

Right then, it’s just one more sleep ahead of our Connacht semi-final meeting with Galway, with the match throwing in at Castlebar’s MacHale Park at 7pm tomorrow evening. Although it’s a match taking place on an evening in high summer, this being Ireland there’s a better than even chance of a shower and so if, […]

A few reminders

Thursday tends to be a bit of a quieter day here, even in this congested period where there’s a match on every weekend. It’s worthwhile, then, to fill the void with a few quick reminders. First, this coming weekend sees James Horan’s Sporting Excellence conference taking place at Breaffy Resort. The event starts on Saturday […]

Sporting Excellence Conference tickets – the result

Thanks everyone who entered the competition to win tickets to the Sporting Excellence Conference at Breaffy House Resort on 11-13 March next. Every single person who responded (and apologies to all those I didn’t get back to via email – all your entries did, indeed, go into the draw) did so with the correct answer, […]

Sporting Excellence Conference sounds great

You may recall an interview James Horan gave with the Irish Independent (if you don’t it’s here) back in January, where he spoke with Donnchadh Boyle about his time as Mayo manager and where he also touched on the plans he was then hatching for a major sports conference. Those plans are now fully formed […]

No return to the hot seat for Horan

Photo: Irish Examiner James Horan has this morning, via his column in the Western People (paper and digital editions), confirmed that he is not allowing his name to go forward for the vacant position as manager of the county’s senior football team. Saying that it was “a little unusual to have to pull out of […]

Paint your wagon

James Horan is back in the spotlight today but only in the context of his new role, that of Gaelic football pundit for Newstalk. The radio station launched their summer coverage yesterday and James was asked about whether or not he might be seen prowling the sideline in charge of some other county. James was pretty clear […]

Where we go from here

It’s Monday and thankfully this week we’re already done with the match reports from Saturday night. I think we might be done too with the worst of the post-match outpouring of anguish and so we should, I hope, be able to start moving on to thinking about where Saturday’s result leaves us and where we […]