Following Mayo's footballers

Two tribes

“When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score.” Those lyrics – from “Two Tribes” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood – never particularly meant much to me during my 29 years of existence. Always a song I enjoyed but never one that I paid too much attention to the words […]

The final (replay) countdown

Two weeks feels like an age away in this moment in time but as Saturday dawns closer and the promise of glory it brings, you would forgive any Mayo supporter for reflecting on the battlegrounds of Sunday week gone by. For seventy minutes (not ten, not twenty) there was no question but that Mayo set the cards […]


In the film Heat we have an iconic coming together of two greats in what’s known as the Restaurant Scene. De Niro, the bad guy, Pacino, the cop, come face to face. They talk, the scene is mesmerising. Both, though on opposite sides, have a lot in common. I suspect they even like each other. […]

Wake me up when September ends

Not all heroes named Willie Joe wear football boots. I had been let down by my ticketing source. A source that to their credit had supplied me all year but, much like Annie Power in the Mares’ Hurdle at Cheltenham in 2015, had let me down at the final hurdle. It was Wednesday last when […]

Mayo, God help us!

I was sitting in the world’s largest shopping mall, surrounded by people from every corner of the world, speaking a multitude of tongues and all I could think about was a field in North Dublin city. I said to myself: “I don’t care what it takes, but I’ll be in Dublin on the third Sunday […]

The pressure pot

So here we are, at the final stage of another season of football.  In a championship of ups and downs, what are undoubtedly the two best teams in the country have made it to the All-Ireland final; the only difference is that one has a few medals to back up that statement.  But this could […]

Better start going to Mass

I can’t avoid it. Everywhere I turn I see it, I hear it and most of all I’m beginning to feel it. I got my haircut in Kelly’s in Castlebar the day after the All-Ireland semi-final against Tipperary. The hairstylist and I discussed the atmosphere of both the game and the county as a whole. […]

There’s a storm building in the west

It hasn’t been on anyone’s radar all year as there has been a different story in Dublin and, let’s face it, that’s where the national media go first to get readership/viewers/listenership. The national media tell us that Dublin are blessed with what is probably the best football team of all time. Radio and television experts […]

Stand up for the Mayo men – be the 16th man!

This Sunday, we don’t play Kerry, Donegal or Tyrone, we play big powerhouse COYBIB Dublin. So I have a tactical question for our supporters from Mayo. Can you sing? Can you sing and chant loudly? Come on you boys in blue; Come on you boys in blue Come on come on come on you boys […]

This team can choke an opposition – let’s party!

As I sit in my office in St. Peter Chanel College in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea, my excitement for September 18th has taken off. This morning I received the message below from a good friend, an ardent Dublin supporter. He was at the Tipp game. I can certainly sense the want in Mayo. At the match […]