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The scorched earth

The state of football in Connacht has been the topic of critical comment by many in the media this summer. Ontheroad returns to the guest slot to give his thoughts on the issue. If you say it often enough then you start to believe it. “Connacht football is shit” we hear. “Connacht football is junk bond status” we are told. […]

Back home

Our idyllic Italian sojourn is over: we’re back to the leaden skies and stupidly low temperatures that the rest of you have had to put up with over the last few weeks, although I hear there’s some talk of the weather picking up somewhat by the weekend. We’re back well in time for the draw for the All-Ireland Quarter-Finals this […]

The referee

As he revealed in the comments a little earlier on today, ontheroad is just back from Medjugorje but, man of many talents that he is, he composed this topical piece before he left. His wife walks in and hands him the freshly ironed towel. Folding it he places the towel on top of his little black bag. Finally with a […]

Learning from the Dubs

The site’s host may have sloped off to the sun (and sunny it sure is over here, hombres) but the show must go on and helping it do so with another twist in the guest chair is FourGoal McGee who provides some thoughts on how our footballing prospects could be improved by taking a leaf from another county’s book. A […]