On a fraying tightrope

Let’s dissolve two narratives taking root at the moment. They are that Mayo are fortunate to be in an All-Ireland final and secondly they have had a handy run there. Narrative number one is Mayo are in another All-Ireland final because six of the seven teams they have met so far weren’t good enough to […]

A repeat of 2003 please!

After an eight-year gap since their last appearance in the All-Ireland final, the Mayo ladies are one game away from familiarising themselves with Croke Park. The last time they were successful on this big stage was in 2003 and, in order to book their place in the final, they must overcome the same opposition whom […]

We’ve come a long way to Tipperary

We’re in an all too familiar but happy sight as we set up for our sixth consecutive All-Ireland semi-final game in Croke Park. You would think that we couldn’t have asked for easier opposition to have in the final four but they frighten the hell out of me even more than if we were meeting Kerry […]

Far and near

So it’s Thursday and the time is ticking remorselessly on towards the county’s All-Ireland SFC semi-final meeting with Tipperary on Sunday at Croke Park (throw-in 3.30pm). It’ll be our sixth semi-final appearance in a row while Tipp will be experiencing the rarified atmosphere of being in the last four for the first time in the […]

Who’d have thought it, eh?

Here we are now, all the lads and ladies! Cast your mind back to June: who would have thought that the lads would come through three rounds of qualifiers and beat the reigning Ulster champions? Or, indeed, that the ladies would reap revenge on Galway to gain supremacy in Connacht once more before galloping their […]

Mayo take on the Lakeside ladies

Image: @JenJen_Murf Six weeks have passed since Mayo were triumphant in the Connacht Final against Galway. They were underdogs in that game, and every game before that but as this year has proved with Connacht and Leicester, the underdog is alive and kicking. Staunton’s big scoreline of 2-14 against Galway was nothing out of the […]

Will the real Mayo team please stand up?

Watching back, listening, and reading again through what has been said in the papers, online and other sources it would seem that we are progressing okay as a team since the Galway jolt. However I don’t buy that at all and below are the reasons why. In my mind it is simple. We were soundly […]

Who gives a diving duck?

I’m quite happy about Mayo being in the qualifiers. Our whole county has been fixated for the last few years on this notion of ‘six games’: essentially what it takes to go from Connacht to the Sam Maguire. However, football is about a lot more than just six games. The qualifiers does not mean all […]

Will Galway bate Mayo?

“Not if they have Willie Joe” was the lyrical response to this question when sung in the famous Saw Doctors song. The age old rivalry that is the Maroon and White versus the Green and Red never fails to get my excitement levels revved up to their limit. One of my earliest memories of following […]

The Cockney clash

A headline in the Mayo News caught my eye this week as I was flicking. It read ‘Row outside Westport chipper started over 1996 All-Ireland Final’. I laughed hysterically but every Mayo person knows that at least some point in their existence they have analysed that fight (Poor Liam McHale) or questioned the fact there […]