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Pat Harte suspended for next match

It’s been announced that Pat Harte has been suspended for four weeks for his straight red against Galway, with effect from the date on which it happened (no need for reminders on that one). However, in a change to the suspension rules – which I must confess escaped me when they were promulgated by Congress […]

The Deputy is staying on board

While fellow Mayoman Enda Kenny is still pursuing what many would now view as a forlorn attempt to unseat Bertie as Taoiseach, Johnno is obviously not planning on being saddled with a ministerial job any time soon. (By the way, what Department would he be suited for, I wonder? Health, perhaps, given his track record […]

Come on in Joe, the water’s only lovely

Well, at least we’re not the only so-called big guns cast into the wilderness. Joe Kernan’s Armagh joined us in the bear pit yesterday when they surrendered their Ulster title up in Ballybofey. It was, from Armagh’s perspective at least, an unfortunate and more than a little controversial defeat, with Donegal’s last-gasp winning goal having […]

Johnno TD

Bertie Ahern and Fianna Fail may be heading for an historic third term in office, but our man Johnno looks poised to capture a third seat for Fine Gael in Mayo. The count has now been adjourned till the morning but Johnno looks likely to win the fourth seat, steering clear of the dogfight for […]

Johnno’s in the hunt for the last seat

Early tallies would suggest that Johnno could grab the final seat in Mayo in the General Election. Enda Kenny appears to have got a huge first preference vote, more even than that legendary vote-hoover Michael Ring. The tallies suggest that Jerry Cowley and, to a lesser extent, Bev, could be feeling the heat. Johnno’s main […]

Welcome to the bear pit

There’s probably only one small consolation at being tipped into the qualifiers at such an early stage of the championship season, compared to being dispatched there as a losing provincial finalist. This small comfort that we can cling to is that we’ll avoid hearing that new line that’s been added, since 2001, to the standard, […]

Love thy neighbour

Imagine the scene if you will. It’s full-time and Dublin have just beaten Meath in Leinster in front of a capacity crowd at Croker. A beaming Colm Coyle, in his blue Bainisteoir outfit, is accepting all manner of congratulations from the similarly blue-clad hordes for masterminding the defeat of the Dubs’ arch rivals as thousands […]

Video clips now uploaded

The video clips I took at Pearse Stadium on Sunday (nine in all) are now on up on the YouTube channel. Enjoy (if that’s possible)!

The aftermath

I haven’t been off to sulk, honest. We had an extra day in the west with the kids yesterday and didn’t return to the capital till last night so I never got the hour or so I would have needed to sit down and post something. And it would have had to be done over […]

Galway 2-10 Mayo 0-9: smashed in Salthill

Ouch! Another hammering we didn’t see coming and another one that had its genesis in a complete failure to compete around the middle coupled with woeful defending over the course of the opening quarter. Galway hit us with two early goals and that, really, was that. We never looked like we were going to get […]