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Out with the old

The old year is dying rapidly on us, with delusional hopes about what 2008 might bring already taking wing furiously. We might win Connacht again! Beating the living shite out of Galway in the process! We might, once again, make our improbable way to the final! We might meet Kerry again! And they might … […]

Happy Christmas and all that

It’s nearly Christmas Eve, I’m nearly drunk and I’m nearly going to switch the laptop off and get more than nearly bladdered shortly. Some very nice red wine (thanks, Gerry!) is already coursing through my veins and not even Martin Breheny’s assessment in yesterday’s Indo of where he reckons we’ve ended the year in the […]

Last-minute stocking fillers

Attention, ladies! If you’re stuck for ideas for the GAA-loving, book reading man in your life, there are a number of suitable titles from which to choose. All the more so if you’d planned to get him The Book but have only now discovered that he went out and bought it himself, the bollix. There’s […]

Clash of loyalties moves another step closer

With St. Vincent’s victory yesterday in the Leinster club final – their first provincial title in 23 years – the possible clash of loyalties to which I first alluded last month has moved another step closer. De Vinnies now face defending All-Ireland champions Crossmaglen Rangers (or will do, once the XMG lads have finished having […]

Carbon footprint

I’m just back from a rapid trip to Mayo, having gone down to stock up on some proper firewood (ash, whitethorn and the like) and, yes, a few bags of turf while I was at it. Coming back with the car stuffed to the gills with fuel and, bearing in mind all the emissions I […]

What happens when Westport and Castlebar Garda stations call each other?

Are either of these lads on the county board, by any chance?

Another award for Ronan + Elvery’s

Ronan McGarritty’s rollercoaster year has reached another significant milestone: he’s just been awarded (jointly, along with Cora) the Connacht GAA Writers’ Personality of the Month for November. Does this mean that these lads announce a Personality of the Month every month? There’s a thought – maybe I should do the same. Well done (again), Ronan. […]

Time to get real

The players’ grants issue is continuing to generate plenty of debate: there’s John Maughan reminiscing about what things were like in the good old days when he had a full head of hair, there’s PJ McGrath saying that refs should be ahead of the players in the queue for payments, there’s An Spailpin fulminating about […]

"Oi! You voted unanimously for WHAT?"

The Mayo senior football and hurling panels have wasted no time in reacting to their county board’s “unanimous” decision to oppose the awarding of grants to inter-county players (see previous post). Earlier this evening, the two panels issued a joint statement expressing their disappointment with the county board’s position on the issue and stating that […]

We don’t like players’ grants, apparently

The Mayo GAA politburo have apparently – so says RTE so it must be true, right? – voted unanimously against the Pat’s Ass solution to the players’ grants issue. I’m not sure why we’ve emerged as the hotbed of dissent on this one, although we’re far from alone on it, as there was a biggish […]