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Previews and stuff

It’s the day before our first real competitive match of the year and the pundits (i.e. the lads who get paid for doing this) are split about who they think will prevail at Ballina tomorrow.  RTE (who I think got almost every prediction relating to us wrong last year) go for us, Hogan Stand go […]

Fifty years of playing Derry

What’s the use in assembling a results archive if you don’t use it, eh?  In that spirit, I’ve spent a while today looking back over the records for the past half-century to build up a picture of how we’ve got on against the Oak Leafers.  We haven’t done badly at all, as you’ll soon see, […]

Oak Leafers name their team

Defending NFL champions Derry have named their team to meet us on Sunday, according to this story in Hogan Stand.  Here it is: Derry (NFL v Mayo, 1/2/2009): Shane McGuckian; Brian Og McAlary, Sean M Lockhart, Ryan Dillon; Paul Cartin, Joe O’Kane, Chrissy McKaigue; Fergal Doherty, Patsy Bradley; Enda Lynn, Barry McGoldrick, Sean Leo McGoldrick; […]

Team for Derry match named

This is from Midwest’s website this morning – there’s nothing as yet up on the official Mayo GAA site or anywhere else from what I can see – so I’m not 100% sure as to whether or not it’s the real thing but here it is anyway: MAYO (v Derry, NFL, 1/2/2009): David Clarke; Liam […]

Match-day twitterings

I could end up sounding like Old Mr Brennan extolling the virtues of Facebook here but not to worry, the Lord loves a trier and all that.  A few more tech-savvy friends of mine have been blathering on at me for some time now about Twitter so, in the spirit of constant innovation and all […]

Face the Ball mini-league developments

Things have moved on apace since I first mentioned the Face the Ball prediction website last week and put forward the idea of setting up a mini-league.  Since then, those good people at Club Mayo Dublin have been in touch about the idea and, arising from this, we’ve decided to join forces to get a […]

Time for a new poll, I think

While we’re waiting for Sunday’s team to be announced, I’ve stuck up a new poll on the site to keep you all amused.  This one is about what we should use the upcoming league campaign for – have at it. The result of the poll on our ambitions for 2009 showed that, despite Johnno’s best […]

No team ’till at least Thursday: blame it on Mort’s schnozzle

According to this report in the Mayo News, we won’t be announcing our team for Sunday’s NFL opener against Derry until “Thursday at the earliest”.  It’s all due, it seems, to Conor Mortimer’s snout – the one that Mark Vaughan allegedly broke in two places the other week.  The blonde one didn’t line out for […]

Naming rights and the new economic reality

The poll that I ran on this site a few weeks back about naming rights at McHale Park produced an interesting outcome.  The result proved to be surprisingly even, in that each of the three options listed attracted a roughly equivalent amount of support.  On a first-past-the-post basis, the No camp – with 36% of […]

Face that ball!

Okay, given the day of the week what’s in it, I think it might be appropriate to bring something TGIF-ish to your attention.  I got an email the other day from the creator (who, incidentally, is a Mayoman) of a website called, which is a GAA (and rugby) prediction league website that he’s just […]