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The card that cheers

That was a painless enough ticket hunt: well, for those of us in possession of our Club Mayo Dublin membership cards, it certainly was.  This is because those nice Club Mayo people have confirmed that our existing membership deal, which provides for free entry into all home league matches, remains in place for the all-ticket […]

Sort it out, Kevin

It is more than a little ironic, I think, that emblazoned across the home page of the official Mayo GAA website are the words “sort it out”.  This exhortation relates to alcohol and substance abuse prevention (a worthy initiative in the world we live in) but it could with equal validity be applied to the […]

All-ticket for Westmeath match

The world exclusive on this one has already been claimed by my blogging colleague No One Shouted Stop! but it’s worth repeating here that the match against Westmeath on Sunday week (8th of March) will be an all-ticket one.  The County Board decided this last night (here’s Midwest’s confirmation of it) and they’ve also decreed […]

Ash Wednesday

It’s the start of Lent, hombres, which, Chez WJ, means the disappearance of cake, biscuits, chocolate and all that kind of thing.  Not, I hasten to add, arising from any religious zealotry in these parts – D9 is not the Bible Belt – but instead it’s an annual attempt to put some kind of halt […]

End this farce now

Okay, Monday morning, work to be done and all that.  Very little on-field stuff to talk about (certainly nothing of the green and red variety), though when I read the match report this morning about Mark Vaughan’s 1-6 against Corofin on Saturday, I couldn’t help but be reminded about the blonde one’s late, late equalising […]

Oh well, there’s always next year …

So the apposite outcome it was: I lost out to Kopblog (not just a soccer blog but one devoted to following the many travails of Liverpool FC as well) at the Blog Awards down in Cork earlier tonight.  That makes it my 1996, I guess, which means … yes, I know what it means.  Only […]

The curious case of Billy Joe Padden

Billy Joe was well pissed off, by all accounts, at the premature end to his involvement in last Saturday’s match against Donegal and while it’s difficult to argue against the correctness of that particular decision – given that his direct replacement, Pat Harte, was instrumental in hauling the team back from the nine points in […]

March will be mad

It’s just dawned on me that the month of March is going to be utterly mad in terms of the football.  Mad of the stark, raving kind.  Completely fucking balubas.  It was only when I read in this morning’s Indo that Wexford manager Jason Ryan was having a moan about the scheduling of league games […]

Charlestown for the Lake County, Castlebar for the Dubs

The venues for our next two home ties in the NFL have been announced, with the match against Westmeath on the 8th of March set to take place at Fr O’Hara Park in Charlestown while the home clash with the Dubs a fortnight later will be held back at McHale Park in Castlebar.  As regards […]

I’m back in the Blog Awards All-Ireland final

TJ kindly sent me an email this morning to let me know that I’ve made it back to the blogging equivalent of Croker on the fourth Sunday in September: I’m now on the shortlist (with four others) in the Sports and Recreation Category for dish ear’s Blog Awards.  I’m already practising in front of the […]