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Mini-League Week 6: head-to-head rule unlikely to be needed + Good Friday challenge

We’re approaching the finishing line in this year’s NFL mini-league and, unless he comes a cropper at the final fence, Mick C is going to win with a bit to spare.  He’s got 63 points to spare on Barney in second place and with only one full weekend of action (plus the two finals themselves […]

Keith hasn’t done his cruciate

Like the rest of you, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the news today, with the Mayo News reporting that Keith Higgins was due to have an MRI scan on his knee this morning.  Well, he did and Midwest are first out of the blocks with the extremely welcome news that he hasn’t damaged […]

Read all about it

Okay, back to reality (and the rain) and, for me, a whole afternoon of work blah-de-blah to sit through (with some prep to do beforehand) so I’d better get this sorted pronto. First, the broadcasters: RTÉ (with their usual handy links to their post-match audio clips) and the BBC (with their usual unashamed Nordie bias). […]

Mayo 2-12 Monaghan 0-15: second half revival keeps NFL hopes on track

Well, one result went my way this weekend but there were two occasions – when we fell six points in arrears late in the first half and did so again early in the second – when it looked as if my weekend trip to the west was going to turn out to be an unfruitful […]

Heading west

I’m heading out the door and down the shiny new motorway to the west in a few hours so this’ll have to be a quick one.  I’m taking in the Blog Awards bash in Galway city tonight ahead of the match at Castlebar tomorrow, which means that tomorrow’s mileage won’t be as big as it […]

Monaghan match-ups

There are many fierce rivalries in Gaelic football but Mayo v Monaghan isn’t one of them.  I’ve just been looking over details of our meetings down the years (I haven’t done this for our other NFL opponents this year as I did the same exercise last year and all our matches up to now were […]

No team ’till Sunday again

I have it on good authority that we won’t be naming our starting fifteen for the match against Monaghan until the day itself.  Given the issues we have with injuries, it probably makes sense to hold off naming the team for now and, with Monaghan involved in U21 action in Ulster last night, I wouldn’t […]

Home comforts

After two successive (and successful) weekends spent playing at opposite ends of the country, the lads will be back on home territory this coming Sunday for our NFL Division 1 clash with Monaghan (throw-in 2.30 pm but remember that it’ll be summer time again by then) where hopefully we can take another decisive step towards […]

Mini-League Week 5: stasis

After all that helter-skelter, hold-onto-your-hats welter of movement in previous weeks, this week’s mini-league table bears a remarkable resemblance to last week’s offering.  If this were World War I (which it’s not, though it felt a bit like that at Comment Moderation HQ tonight), it would appear that we’ve now reached the Marne and the shovels […]

Lots of lovely match reports

It’s a nice Monday morning.  A bit on the wet side to begin, admittedly, but the sun has come out now and, you’d never know, it could be another blue-sky one.  And it’s not just the weather because there are, of course, plenty of reports from yesterday’s stunning win down in Tralee to be gawping […]