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Different voices

These sure are strange days, what with record low temperatures for the time of year and the national finances going down the tubes and all that, but you’ll be glad to know that I’m not about to launch into a rant about either, especially not the latter.  Instead, I want to let you know about […]

We demand that you do this and do it here and now

I’m currently reading Terry Reilly’s entertaining and informative The Green Above The Red (which I’ll review in more detail at some point next week) and, in doing so, I came across the text of the famous letter written by a number of the Mayo team to the County Board in November 1947, the aim of […]

Horan’s hopes

There was a short interview with James Horan in yesterday’s Indo, which I missed in the course of my trawl of the links (and my thanks to Club Mayo, which was where I’ve just come across it). James doesn’t say that much in the interview – somehow, I can’t see the new man providing the […]

Horan’s talent hunt continues

The Mayo News and the Connaught Telegraph both carry reports this week about the second and final trial game held by James Horan and his management colleagues as they seek to unearth new talent for 2011.  The match took place at Clogher last Saturday and it featured many of the same faces that had turned […]

Parke’s forty years of growing

Parke GAA Club have had a good year of it, ending it as they do as the reigning Connacht junior champions.  Far from sitting on their laurels, however, the club are gearing up for a big bash this coming Saturday night (November 27th) which is being held in in the Fáilte Suite of the Welcome […]

Brigid’s win ends good year for the Rossies

2010 isn’t going to go down in history as a vintage year for too many people in Ireland (don’t get me going about events yesterday – if I start, I fear I won’t be able to stop) but in the world of Gaelic football, it’ll certainly be remembered as a good one for Roscommon.  They […]

Old faces reappear under new regime

James Horan and his management team began their trawl for new talent within the county at the weekend, with a trial game in Castlebar between a Mayo XV selection and a county U21 side.  Mike Finnerty of the Mayo News has a report on the game – my thanks to Jucer for putting the link […]

Out of his skin

We’re as close as makes no difference to the mid-point of this long, frozen (and it froze fairly seriously in these parts last night) inter-county closed season (why does it have to be so long, by the way?) so almost the only thing left to talk about is this year’s crop of GAA books.  Even […]

Moment in time – 1st October, 1916

The further back in time that the work I’ve been doing on the results archive stretches, the more it throws up interesting nuggets.  The other week it was that fascinating photograph from the replayed 1946 Connacht final but the one I have for you today goes back much further, thirty years more to be precise and […]

Why can’t the 2011 Connacht final be played before July 17th?

The Indo is reporting today that, once again, the team that loses next year’s Connacht final will face a six-day turnaround before having to play a knockout Round 4 qualifier tie.  The team that’s beaten in the Ulster final will face the same fate as well. None of this should come as any surprise to […]