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Match reports and reaction

Okay, it’s the morning after the day and night before so it’s time to face all those match reports and stuff about our dice with disaster in Ruislip yesterday. Nationals first – Irish Times, Independent and Examiner. Then there’s the Mayo Advertiser, Mayo News, Hogan Stand, RTÉ, and Breaking News. Both Club Mayo Dublin and Sports News […]

London 2-10 Mayo 0-19: rotten robbery in Ruislip

London don’t belong in Connacht – famous last words, eh? But, as they say in those romcom movies, this wasn’t about them – it was about us.  We were worse than awful today and could have had no complaints had London succeeded in pulling off what would have been one of the great championship upsets […]

A few thoughts on the team for Sunday

What better way to shake off the torpor from a day spent sitting on one’s hole while being propelled at alarming speed several miles too far away from terra firma than to spend it hauling and stacking logs in anticipation of the next edition of the Ice Age Mk II in a few months time? […]

Six championship debutants in Sunday’s team

While I was making my way northwards over the course of the day today in gloriously ash-free skies – in the process being treated to a number of jaw-dropping views from 40,000 feet including this one of the Sahara desert – details of the team and subs for Sunday’s Connacht championship opener with London in Ruislip […]

Team talk and travel

This report by Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News states that there could be a few surprises in the team to face Ruislip in the first round of the Connacht championship this coming Sunday (throw-in 3 pm).  In the same report, it’s also stated that the starting fifteen will be named after training later on […]

Let’s face facts: neither London nor New York belong in Connacht

So, it’s Ruislip for us this day week to start our 2011 Connacht championship campaign.  Just like it was Gaelic Park in New York to get us going in 2009.  We all get a spin of the wheel, of course, and so for all of us, there’s an exotic opening to the championship to look […]

Don’t forget your predictions for the weekend

What with all the off-field activity (of all shades and sorts) this week, it’d be easy to forget about the championship action that’ll be taking place at the weekend.  But the Queen will shortly be on her way back to Blighty on the BAe 146 and so normal life will resume … until Barack shows […]

The revised plan it is

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone to learn that the county board’s revised strategic action plan (or, to give it its official title, the Mayo GAA Strategic Vision and Action Plan 2009-2015) was adopted at last night’s meeting.  Hogan Stand reports that the plan was accepted by the county board without a vote.  On your […]

Here’s a new Strategic Action Plan, lads

In their inestimable wisdom, the County Board have now decided to ditch the Strategic Action Plan produced some months back by the Steering Committee chaired by Liam Horan and have instead come up with their own one.  Anyone who wants to see this shiny new version (which is a ‘final draft’) can do so here. […]

Start of the championship, return of The Sunday Game

Well, it may feel a bit more like February than May this morning but the championship season is once again upon us and so too the delights and annoyances of RTÉ’s The Sunday Game. I think it’s fair to say that we got more of the latter than the former on last night’s opening programme. […]