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More about the jersey

Ever since Aidan O’Shea got his camera phone out and did his Twitter thing the other night, there’s been a degree of interest that’s bordering on febrile about “the jersey”. In this regard, I’m delighted to be able to feed this particular beast (the jersey story, not Aido) still further with some better quality pictorial evidence of the new geansaí […]

Is this the new Mayo jersey?

It’s been known for some time that the current Mayo jersey (which I still consider the “new” one but which was in fact first unveiled back in November 2008) was going to be replaced for 2012 but there hasn’t – the lucrative Christmas market notwithstanding – been any word about when it’s likely to appear or what the new design […]

Quick note on the County Convention

It’s a bit remiss of me, I know, not to have made reference before now to Monday night’s annual County Convention, which this year took place down in Geesala. I’m pleading work, of the pre-Christmas rush variety, that has kept me away from here of late and I’ve only a few minutes now for this quick update. The main news […]

Vote for Club Player of the Year

The seventh annual Mayo News/O’Neills Club Stars Banquet takes place at the Knockranny Hotel in Westport on Saturday night week (December 10th) at which the Club Team of the Year will be announced. At the same bash, the winner of the Club Player of the Year award will be unveiled and this year the three players in the running for […]