We’re back home, having finally arrived in from London last night. We’re currently in the midst of just-back-home chaos with the build-up to Sunday’s Connacht final needing to be added to the mix as well.

There have, I know, been plenty of developments in relation to the squad over the last few weeks, with more players getting injured, some players coming back from injury, as well as players departing the panel and being added to it. As it’s already Wednesday we could, I know, have some team news before the day is out so once things start to straighten out here it’ll be back to business as usual as the countdown to Sunday gathers pace.

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  1. welcome home. Just wondering WJ have you laid any money on the lads in Paddy Powers? Was in today got them at 4/1

  2. Welcome back. Hope you had a great time.

    Wondering if anyone has any views on the team for Sunday.

    Assumimg everyone was fit – should Carolan ,Coen, Feeney, Freeman be preferred? Assuming that Andy,Alan,Cillian,Varley ,will surely start but maybe that is even too big an assumption to make.

    Is there room for Aidan at Centre forward if Barry comes back – and will Michael Conroy be in the running.

    Is Murphy or Conor O Se a dark horse?

    Will Hennelly hold his place if as expected he goes well on Sunday and is McHale or Keane the replacement for Donie if he is out?

    Sorry – with the warm weather I probably have too much time on my hands!

  3. Expect horan to make asfew changed as possible. Esp if any are forced on him. Loyalty seems to be his guiding light

  4. Story going that Freeman got caught in a crush with a wild cow during the week and got a fair few belts. Nothing serious but could be fairly bruised. Even though I wouldn’t be his biggest fan he deserves a start after his 2 very good championship performances so far. Maybe the lad is a slow burner and is only now begining to believe in himself.
    Agree with you David Lydon that Horan will make as few changes as possible because it looks like 2 or 3 might be forced on him. I can see Barry Moran coming on in the second half for a run but I think he should start Andy in the corner and Coen in the other as that lad was close to starting in the last 2 games. I wouldn’t mind seeing Burke getting a run either.

  5. @ Hardy buck Salmon.Cant believe the bookies were given those odds out after being in the final last year.Anyway ya got great odds.ya say how much ya put on ?:)

  6. Welcome home WJ. Have noticed the titles have become very short of late after Sundays game will win or won be enough of heading 😉

  7. Hardy Buck Salmon says:
    July 17, 2013 at 3:39 pm
    I got them at 11/1 to lift Sam before the championship started. 🙂

    Goes to show how much money has been placed on Mayo since. Huge expectations this summer didn’t have that the last few years and that type of pressure will make or break Mayo.

  8. Mayo are 11/8 to reach the final.

    2/7 to reach the semi.

    Never seen odds as mad as that for Mayo. It probably has a lot to do with the fact we are in q/f but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense to back Mayo to make the semi because say we draw Cork in q/f , we will be a hell of a lot better odds than 2/7.

  9. hopefully mayo will win on sunday anyone know if cillian o c will start and for q/f cork to beat dubs

  10. As far as i can recall when Donegal and Mayo were in the final the bookies had Donegal had hot favourites to beat us.Didn’t look like a team who were heavily burdened by the favourites tag.I believe when Mayo play to their ability they can beat any county in the country.Now they have the added advantage of having believe in themselves .Tis good enough for me .

  11. can see 3-4 changes henelley has to start in goal, barret /keane in for vaughan with keith going no.6, coen and andy will start with enda and cathal loosing out. the keeper situation is worying henelley left by choice due to his inability to commit now he will start in connacht final. hope what i’m hearing about the seriousness of clarke and o malley are worst case scenarios

  12. WTF can’t everyone wait until the team is announced. Then there will be no need for all this crazy, idle speculation!!!

  13. Forgive my ignorance are we talking henelly as in the goal keeper! Is there more surprises I don’t know about????!!!!!

  14. Tomorrow nite 9pm on Setanta .Live from Ruislip a celebration of this novel Connaught final. With punditry from Willie Joe,Colm Mc and pat Holmes and others. The London players will be in attendance along with other exile heads.Should be good craic.

  15. @mayomaningalway

    Arah it was bet fair! I think they just forgot to update their website in time. I’d prefer not to do it online but I took advantage by placing a €50 bet.

  16. True enough mayomaningalway but remember great pressure can burst a pipe, or pressure can make a diamond.

  17. Welcome home WJ! Hope you had a good time. As for Sunday i’m just looking for the team to get out there and finish the game as soon as possible. Not because it’s London but to continue the trend of the Gal/Ros matches. Good to see Rob Hennelly return. If you follow his twitter account you could see any time Mayo play he was either there supporting or else he was praising/wishing them luck etc.

  18. Hit send too soon….contd: Which just goes to show what James Horan has created!!

  19. Mayo man in Galway…..is the event n Ruislip open to Mayo folks to attend? Would rather attend than watch on setanta.

  20. Hello all,

    Team now on TWITTER. Higgins at no.6. Feeney is playing. No O’Connor or Conroy.

  21. Glad to see Coen starting.

    Good team but a little surprised on defensive formation. Cant see that being team for quarters but getting there.

  22. Team on Mayogaa.com

  23. I’m away on holidays and have no chance of catching it on tv. Does anyone know if the game is on the radio?

  24. Surprised Carolan isn’t starting and with Higgins at 6. JH does not usually do significant change between games but then this is one time where he CAN try something out in a championship game.
    I think Andy and Alan will interchange throughout the match and that the forward line generally is set up for all out attack. As Carolan is very strong defending, the inclusion of Coen as an outright attacker might be the reason for that one

  25. Sensible team. Andy Moran needs a full game (or as near as possible) before an All-Ireland quarter-final. So does Dillon. Alan Freeman deserves another chance at FF based on his showing against Roscommon – Mayo still need a big man in the FF line who can win a high ball regardless of the opposition. Freeman looks like the closest we’ll have to that in 2013, unless Barry Moran fancies another go at it.

    Elsewhere, starting Chris Barrett and Darren Coen makes sense too; give them championship time, and no need to risk Vaughan’s hamstring. No start for Carolan but to be honest there weren’t many scores coming from him either, even if he was in the team based primarily on his work rate.

    Keith Higgins at CHB will be interesting – if he actually starts there. Reckon a switch with Keegan is the likelier scenario.

  26. Kevmy85 The match is broadcast on Midwest Irish Radio at 14:00 hrs GMT+1. You will need access to the Internet and a quite corner somewhere. I have been there before. Welcome back WJ hope you and your family had a great time.

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