Comments policy

Mayo GAA Blog has an open approach in relation to the posting of comments on the site. For the comments area to work properly, those posting comments are obliged to do so within the house rules set out below. These rules aren’t designed to stifle debate but instead are aimed at ensuring that the debate remains open, free-flowing and fair. All current and prospective commenters are asked to familiarise themselves with these house rules to ensure that their contribution to the debate is within the rules. I reserve the right to remove from the site without notification comments that are deemed to be in breach of the rules.

The house rules on comments are as follows:

  1. In posting a comment on this site, you acknowledge and accept that that you are fully responsible for the content of your comment and you also acknowledge that you have read and agree with these house rules.
  2. Comments should not be of a kind that break the law or encourage law-breaking of any sort.
  3. Comments should not be of a kind that are likely to provoke, attack or offend others and should not be of a kind that are aimed at antagonising, abusing or picking fights with others. If you’re the subject of any such comment, don’t respond in kind as this only leads to an escalating row.
  4. Comments should not contain racist or homophobic language.
  5. Comments should not be written in annoying text speak and should instead be written in comprehensible English, with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Comments posted in block capitals are considered shouty and should be avoided.
  6. When expressing a contrary view to what someone else has written, concentrate on the point you want to disagree with and not on the person who made it, i.e. play the ball, not the man/woman.
  7. When expressing a contrary view, don’t also presume you know the motivation, or invent any motivation, for what the other person has said or make any inferences about their knowledge of the game, IQ etc. For example, phrases such as “only an eejit would say that”, “you must be saying that because …”, “you clearly know nothing about football” etc. etc. are not acceptable.
  8. Comments should not be of a kind that contain generalised trash-talking, whether about other commenters in general, specific players, management, County Board officials or other handy targets.
  9. Comments should stay on topic and commenters should not introduce irrelevant personal information that no-one else cares about. Likewise, irrelevant subjects – for example, religion, politics and that kind of stuff – should be given a wide berth.
  10. Bad language is perfectly fine, up to and including the bad ‘f’ word, but context is everything, e.g. “for fuck’s sake” is grand, “fuck you and fuck your mother” most certainly isn’t. That said, it’s probably best to use the bad ‘f’ word sparingly.
  11. Generalised comments about particular players should be avoided, e.g. “he’s not/he never was any good”, “he’s not county standard”, “he’s not good enough” etc. etc. When discussing a particular player, especially when critiquing a player’s performance, stick to specifics, e.g. “Player X is rubbish/no good/a big tub of lard” is out of order, “Player Y was bad the last day because he didn’t  [add specifics]” is okay providing you’re expressing an opinion based on what you saw (or thought you saw) during a particular game, which others can, if they wish, challenge you on.
  12. Comments based on hearsay or rumour, in particular about supposed incidents involving management or individual players or hot inside stories about team selections prior to public announcements being made about same, are completely out of bounds and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  13. Comments may include links but please note that all such comments will automatically be redirected to comment moderation HQ before going live on the site. This is a necessary anti-spam measure.
  14. Comments should not contain pompous self-aggrandisement phrases like “if people would only listen to me”, “people don’t want to hear the truth” and other crap like that. Everyone has an opinion and is welcome – subject to these rules – to provide it here but don’t for one minute think you have some kind of infallible insight or that your opinion contains some kind of hidden truth that other mere mortals don’t possess.
  15. Keep in mind that this is a site for Mayo supporters so comments need to be of the supportive variety. If you’re going to be critical, that’s okay but make sure your criticisms are fair (see rule 11 above) and don’t, for example, post comments wailing about lost finals, supposed inherent shortcomings in the Mayo psyche or other kinds of empty waffle.
  16. Please take particular care in comments you post in the immediate aftermath of a match. Comments posted within a 48-hour window of a Mayo game should ONLY be about specifics of this game and should not, following an unsatisfactory performance by the team, involve any hysterical wailing about the end of the world as we know it or any other kind of fatalistic, defeatist nonsense.
  17. In making a comment within the 48-hour post-match window which includes an element of criticism of any individual player’s performance in the game then take particular note of rule 11 above. Comments critical of a player’s performance in a game are okay but if you’re going to post such a comment you must back this up with specific examples from the match of the shortcomings you’re complaining about. This isn’t a handy outlet for abusing individual players and neither is it a place to go to blow off steam after a game –  if you want to rant then go to the pub or do it on somewhere like Twitter or on your Facebook page.
  18. Please take time to re-read your comment before posting – especially if it’s a post-match one voicing criticisms of individual players – and make sure that what you’re saying is based on informed analysis and not knee-jerk emotion. If in doubt, then it’s a good idea to leave the draft comment unsent, walk away from it for an hour and then re-read it once you’ve calmed down a bit.
  19. Don’t try to justify an unacceptable comment with bullshit like “I have a right to give my opinion”, “it’s a free world” etc. etc. Last time I checked, I’m the one playing the bills and keeping the lights on here so if you can’t keep your comment within the rules then I reserve the right to edit or delete it as I see fit. It’s a big world out there and there are many other places where you can exercise your right of free speech.
  20. Don’t argue the toss over any ruling made about a comment from you that’s either been edited or deleted and don’t annoy me even further by attempting to get others yellow-carded for what they’ve put in their comments or by whining that others have been treated differently in relation to the implementation of this policy.
  21. Comments from supporters of other counties are welcome but you need to accept that this is a Mayo GAA supporters’ site and as such that much of the debate here emanates from this perspective. Those from other counties who post insulting or antagonistic comments or who come onto the site for trolling purposes are politely requested to go fuck themselves.

Those who fail to abide by the above rules will have their comments deleted in full and may be obliged to go through comment moderation before any further comments from them are allowed to go live on the site. A first offence will lead to the deletion of the offending comment and a public warning, a second offence to a ban from posting further comments of up to two weeks duration and a third will result in a ban of indefinite duration. I don’t have either the time or the inclination to enter into any discussions with those who fall foul of these rules and who have comments deleted and/or who have been prevented from posting further comments.

I reserve the right to add to or amend this list at any time at my absolute discretion and to interpret and apply these rules as I see fit.