Mayo GAA Blog is a fan’s eye website dedicated to the ups and downs of following Mayo’s footballing fortunes. While that is its core remit, it also covers (in a somewhat haphazard and, at times, an overtly biased manner) what’s happening in Gaelic football generally, both on and off the field.

Although initially very much a solo-run, the site has in recent times become much more of a collaborative exercise, with frequent appearances by a number of guest contributors. If you fancy joining their ranks, drop me an email and we’ll take it from there.

Many of the match photos that feature on the site were taken by myself on the day in question but a good number were also taken by Michael Maye (AKA Mayo Mick) whose photo gallery is here.

Over the years a lively community has also developed around the comments section and new contributors in this area are always welcome. There are a few simple house rules which apply to everyone providing comments on the site – details here – so if you haven’t already joined the debate it’s worthwhile first having a quick read about what’s expected of those doing so.

The site also contains a comprehensive archive of the county’s senior league and championship results down the years.  This now encompasses all of our results in competitive matches right back to when we first kicked a ball in anger in the championship, i.e. 1902, with team details (where these are available) as far back as 1916. The results archive is accessible here.

Needless to say, this site has no formal affiliation with nor any official benediction bestowed on it by the GAA. And, of course, I don’t answer on the street (or anywhere else) to the name(s) Willie Joe.

The site is hosted on Siteground and is powered by WordPress.  It originally saw the light of day, in February 2007, on Blogger (here it is). The current design of the site uses the Moesia theme.

The post-match audio reports that I do are located on Audioboom (here) and I sometimes take video clips of key moments of matches, which are on YouTube (here).

The site also has a presence on Twitter and Facebook but, to be honest, that’s only for show and I only use them to link to blog posts here. There’s no point trying to communicate with me on either platform as I’m not active on them. I’m happy, though, to communicate at length here.