For the last few years I’ve been involved with the Mayo News football podcast, which, like the blog itself, has at this stage become part of the Mayo GAA tapestry both at inter-county and club level.  This page provides links to all podcast episodes since the start of 2017, which you can listen to here using the SoundCloud player for each episode.


DATE: 21st October 2018     TITLE: Club finals review


DATE: 17th October 2018     TITLE: Club finals preview


DATE: 12th October 2018     TITLE: James Horan special


DATE: 9th October 2018     TITLE: Club championship semi-finals


DATE: 8th October 2018     TITLE: James Horan returns


DATE: 2nd October 2018     TITLE: Club championship update – Balla triumph + Semi-final previews


DATE: 26th September 2018     TITLE: Junior Final Preview Balla v Achill


DATE: 25th September 2018     TITLE: Club quarter-finals and manager update


DATE: 18th September 2018     TITLE: Manager update


DATE: 18th September 2018     TITLE: Club latest, quarter-final previews


DATE: 11th September 2018     TITLE: Club championship Round 3 wrap


DATE: 29th August 2018     TITLE: Club championship Round 2


DATE: 29th August 2018     TITLE: Rochford resigns


DATE: 6th August 2018     TITLE: All-Ireland U20 final review


DATE: 1st August 2018     TITLE: All-Ireland U20 final preview


DATE: 18th July 2018     TITLE: Season review


DATE: 16th July 2018     TITLE: Under 20s beat Derry


DATE: 1st July 2018     TITLE: Kildare review


DATE: 28th June 2018     TITLE: Kildare preview


DATE: 24th June 2018     TITLE: Tipperary review


DATE: 19th June 2018     TITLE: Tipperary preview + U20s win Connacht


DATE: 10th June 2018     TITLE: Limerick review


DATE: 5th June 2018     TITLE: Limerick preview


DATE: 29th May 2018     TITLE: The qualifiers draw


DATE: 14th May 2018     TITLE: Galway review


DATE: 7th May 2018     TITLE: Galway preview


DATE: 2nd May 2018     TITLE: Connacht championship launch


DATE: 18th April 2018     TITLE: Alan Dillon special


DATE: 26th March 2018     TITLE: Donegal review


DATE: 19th March 2018     TITLE: Tyrone review


DATE: 12th March 2018     TITLE: Kildare review


DATE: 25th February 2018     TITLE: Dublin defeat


DATE: 21st February 2018     TITLE: Dublin preview


DATE: 12th February 2018     TITLE: Galway win again


DATE: 4th February 2018     TITLE: Kerry beat Mayo


DATE: 29th January 2018     TITLE: Monaghan review


DATE: 24th January 2018     TITLE: 2018 League preview


DATE: 3rd January 2018     TITLE: 2018 Scene set



DATE: 3rd November 2017    TITLE: Rochford reign extended


DATE: 25th September 2017     TITLE: Ladies final review


DATE: 22nd September 2017     TITLE: Ladies final preview


DATE: 19th September 2017     TITLE: Heroics, heartbreak and hope


DATE: 16th September 2017     TITLE: Final words


DATE: 13th September 2017     TITLE: Final preview


DATE: 11th September 2017     TITLE: Over for the match, Part 2


DATE: 8th September 2017     TITLE: Over for the match, Part 1


DATE: 4th September 2017     TITLE: Two weeks out


DATE: 27th August 2017     TITLE: Kingdom quashed


DATE: 24th August 2017     TITLE: Kerry, Take Two


DATE: 24th August 2017     TITLE: Level pegging again


DATE: 18th August 2017     TITLE: Kerry scene set


DATE: 14th August 2017     TITLE: Keys to the Kingdom


DATE: 8th August 2017     TITLE: Running riot


DATE: 4th August 2017     TITLE: Roscommon replay preview


DATE: 31st July 2017     TITLE: Not gone yet


DATE: 28th July 2017     TITLE: Roscommon preview


DATE: 24th July 2017     TITLE: Rebels reeling, Rossies ready


DATE: 21st July 2017     TITLE: Cork scene set


DATE: 18th July 2017     TITLE: Cork preview


DATE: 10th July 2017     TITLE: Banner beaters


DATE: 7th July 2017     TITLE: Clare scene set


DATE: 4th July 2017     TITLE: Loftus to the rescue


DATE: 30th June 2017     TITLE: Derry scene set


DATE: 26th June 2017     TITLE: Goalies and their parabolas


DATE: 12th June 2017     TITLE: Tribes and tribulations


DATE: 9th June 2017     TITLE: Galway scene set


DATE: 5th June 2017     TITLE: Galway preview


DATE: 26th May 2017     TITLE: Brendan Harrison special


DATE: 22nd May 2017     TITLE: Slipping past Sligo


DATE: 15th May 2017     TITLE: 2017 championship preview

DATE: 3rd April 2017     TITLE: Donegal out-battled


DATE: 27th March 2017     TITLE: Tense triumph in Tyrone


DATE: 10th March 2017     TITLE: Clipped by Cavan


DATE: 6th March 2017     TITLE: Dublin dominate


DATE: 27th February 2017     TITLE: Rossies rebuffed


DATE: 13th February 2017     TITLE: Kerry topped in Tralee


DATE: 6th February 2017     TITLE: Monaghan master MacHale Park


DATE: 1st February 2017     TITLE: Ten years blogging