Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Road to 51

1939/1940 NFL

Mayo refused to take part in the 1939/1940 NFL, reportedly due to a grievance over events that had occurred during the previous year’s All-Ireland semi-final replay against Kerry.

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 2-4 Mayo 1-7 (Sligo, 30/6/1940). MAYO: T Burke; J Donoghue, T Regan, T Laffey; P Dixon, G Ormsby, P Robinson; T Robinson, H Kenny; M O’Malley (1-0), PJ Judge, P Laffey; T McNamara, A O’Toole, T Hoban (0-4, one free).

SEMI-FINAL (REPLAY): Sligo 0-7 Mayo 3-2 (Sligo, 14/7/1940). MAYO: D Acton; M Griffin, R Winters, T McNamara; T Regan, G Ormsby (0-2), B Durkin; H Kenny, A O’Toole; PJ Judge, T Laffey, P Laffey; S Daly, P Moclair (2-0), T Hoban.  Subs: P Robinson, J Laffey (1-0), M O’Malley, J Mulrooney.

FINAL: Galway 1-7 Mayo 0-5 (Roscommon, 21/7/1940).  MAYO: D Acton; T Laffey, R Winters, M Griffin; T Regan, G Ormsby (0-1), T Robinson; H Kenny, J Mulrooney; PJ Judge, A O’Toole, P Laffey (0-1); J Munnelly, T McNamara, M O’Malley (0-3).

1940/1 NFL

Cavan 1-5 Mayo 1-9 (Cavan, 13/10/1940). MAYO: D Acton; T Laffey, R Winters, B Durkin; T Regan, T Robinson, A O’Toole; H Kenny, J Mulrooney; J Munnelly (Castlebar, 0-3), PJ Judge (0-1), P Laffey; M O’Malley (1-0), J Munnelly (Ballycastle, 0-3), T Hoban (0-2).

Mayo 0-7 Roscommon 0-7 (Castlebar, 27/10/1940). MAYO: D Acton; B Durkin, R Winters, T Laffey; T Regan, G Ormsby, T Robinson; J Mulrooney, H Kenny; J Munnelly (Castlebar), PJ Judge (0-2), P Laffey (0-1); M O’Malley (0-1), J Munnelly (Ballycastle, 0-1), T Hoban (0-1). Sub: J Laffey (0-1).

Mayo 1-10 Donegal 0-5 (Ballina, 24/11/1940). MAYO: D Acton; T McNamara, R Winters, M Griffin; T Regan, G Ormsby (0-2, frees), B Durkin; J Mulrooney, H Kenny; J Carney (0-2), J Munnelly (Ballycastle, 0-1)P Laffey (0-1); PJ Judge (1-1), P Kilroy, J Munnelly (Castlebar, 0-2). [One further Mayo point unattributed]

Sligo 3-0 Mayo 2-7 (Tubbercurry, 8/12/1940). Mayo scorers: M O’Malley (1-1), J Munnelly (1-1), PJ Judge (0-2), P Kilroy (0-1). [Team details not available]

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