1932/3 NFL

Leitrim 1-5 Mayo 4-9 (Carrick-on-Shannon, 2/4/1933). MAYO: T Burke, J Gannon, P Kelly, G Ormsby (0-1); S O’Malley, J Diffley, T Tunney; P Flannelly, M Mulderrig; TJ Hanley, P Munnelly (0-2), G Courell (3-3); P Moclair (1-2), H O’Brien (0-1), J Culkin. Subs: H Kenny, J McGowan, J Moran, J Forde, T Grier.

Mayo 3-6 Galway 1-5 (MacHale Park, 7/5/1933). MAYO: T Burke, J McGowan, P Quinn, M Ferriter; S O’Malley, G Ormsby, J Diffley; P Flannelly, M Mulderrig; H Kenny (0-1), H O’Brien, J Forde (0-1); G Courell (1-4), P Moclair (1-0), P Munnelly. [One goal unattributed]

Mayo 1-12 Sligo 0-4 (MacHale Park, 21/5/1933). MAYO: T Burke, P Quinn, M Ferriter, T Regan; S O’Malley, G Ormsby, H Kenny (0-1); P Flannelly (0-1), M Mulderrig; J Forde (0-1), P Munnelly (0-1), MJ Flannery (0-1); G Courell (1-7), P Moclair, J McGowan. Subs: J Diffley, P Conboy.

FINAL: Meath 2-7 Mayo 1-3 (Navan, 10/9/1933). MAYO: T Burke, S O’Malley, P P Moclair, P Kelly; T Regan, M Raftery, G Ormsby; P Flannelly, H Kenny; J Culkin, J McGowan, MJ Flannery; G Courell (0-3), T Kelly, P Munnelly (1-0).

Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 5-12 Leitrim 1-0 (Tubbercurry, 11/6/1933). [Team and scorer details unavailable]

FINAL: Galway 1-7 Mayo 1-5 (Castlerea, 23/7/1933). MAYO: T Burke; M Mulderrig, P Quinn, J Naughton; TJ Hanley, S O’Malley, G Ormsby (0-1); P Flannelly, H Kenny; J Griffith, P Munnelly, MJ Flannery; G Courell (1-2), P Moclair, J McGowan. [Two points unattributed]

1933/4 NFL

Mayo 2-4 Meath 1-5 (MacHale Park, 12/11/1933). MAYO: T Burke; S O’Malley, P Moclair, P Kelly; J Diffley, T Regan, M Raftery; P Flannelly (1-0), G Ormsby (0-1); J Carney, P Laffey, P Munnelly; G Courell (0-2), T Kelly (1-1), J McGowan.

Cavan 1-6 Mayo 1-6 (Cavan, 19/11/1933). MAYO: T Burke; T Regan, P Quinn, P Kelly; J Diffley, S O’Malley, P Collins; P Flannelly, G Ormsby; J Carney (0-1), M Raftery, P Laffey; G Courell (0-2), P Moclair (1-0), P Munnelly (0-3).

Mayo 2-8 Galway 0-3 (MacHale Park, 3/12/1933). MAYO: T Burke; P Kelly, P Quinn, T Regan; J Diffley, S O’Malley, M Raftery; P Flannelly, G Ormsby; J Carney (0-1), G Courell (2-3), P Moclair (0-2); J Munnelly (0-1), J McGowan, P Laffey (0-1).


Connacht Championship

FIRST ROUND: Sligo 0-3 Mayo 1-5 (Tubbercurry, 18/6/1933). Mayo scorers: Hoban (0-1), Griffin (0-1), Mongey (0-1), Breen (0-1), Grier (1-0). [One point unattributed]

SEMI-FINAL: Galway 2-1 Mayo 1-7 (Parkmore, Tuam, 16/7/1933).Mayo scorers: Winters (1-0), Munnelly (0-1), Kilroy (0-1), Hoban (0-3), Bracken (0-1). [One point unattributed]

FINAL: Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 5-7 (Castlerea, 23/7/1933).

All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 0-12 Dublin 0-8 (Cusack Park, Mullingar, 20/8/1933). MAYO: W MacHale (goal); J Wright, D Armstrong, M O’Neill; J O’Donoghue, B Duggan, J Murphy; W Mongey (0-2), J Munnelly; M Gallagher (0-1, free), J Bracken (0-2, one free), R Winters; J Kilroy (0-2), T Hoban (0-5), M Griffin.  (The match report, in the Connaught Telegraph dated 26th August 1933, noted that the match “ought to have been in Castlebar but we have ceased to expect anything in our county.” Plus ça change!) 

FINAL: Kerry 4-1 Mayo 0-9 (Croke Park, 8/10/1933). MAYO: W MacHale; D Armstrong, M O’Neill, J O’Donoghue; J Wright, B Duggan, J Murphy; J Munnelly, W Mongey; M Gallagher (0-2), J Bracken (0-4, two frees), R Winters; J Kilroy (0-2), T Hoban (0-1), M Griffin.

Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive, The Road to 51, The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games, Irish Press, Western People, Connaught Telegraph.  

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