Sources used: Padraig Ferguson’s Archive; The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games, The Road to 51

1921 Connacht Championship

FINAL: Roscommon 0-1 Mayo 1-4 (Castlerea, 25/3/1923). MAYO: B Farrell; P Kelly, B Durkan, M McNicholas; J Lydon, P Robinson, M Barrett; J Forde, P McLean; J White, G Delaney, J Timoney; P Ormsby, P O’Beirne, M Mulderrig. [All scores unattributed]

1921 All-Ireland Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo v Tipperary.  Walkover awarded to Mayo after the original fixture was postponed due to Tipperary failing to field a team for the semi-final on 22/4/1923.  When Tipperary refused to field a team for the refixed semi-final on 29/4/1923, the tie was awarded to Mayo.

FINAL: Dublin (St Mary’s) 1-9 Mayo (Ballina Stephenites) 0-2 (Croke Park, 17/6/1923).  MAYO: B Durkan (captain), K Dillon, JE McEllin, F Doherty, P Robinson, P McLean, M Mulderrig, P Colleran, J Forde, P O’Beirne, G Delaney, S Lavan (0-1), J White (0-1), W Boshell, M Barrett. Subs: E Mongey, P Ormsby, B Farrell, J Lydon. [According to The Road to 51, there is considerable doubt as to what the Mayo line-up was for this final but the author states he is convinced – based on available newspaper record as well as anecdotal evidence – that the above line-up is the correct one. That’s good enough for me.]

1922 Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Sligo 3-8 Mayo 2-5 (Castlerea, 19/8/1923). [Team and scorer details unavailable]

1923 Connacht Championship

SEMI-FINAL: Mayo 4-5 Sligo 1-2 (Castlerea, 28/10/1923). MAYO: B Durkan (captain), M McNicholas, P Dillon, B Coleman, J Lydon, P Robinson, P Lynskey, P McLean, R Lohan, M Mulderrig, G Delaney, T Forde, J White, P Ormsby, M Barrett. [All scores unattributed]

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