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You do the crime, you do the time

It’s good to see that Croke Park has delivered a very justified clip around the ear to Cork by awarding the league points to their opponents for those football and hurling matches they failed to play while their players were out huddled around the brazier. It’s called the Polluter Pays Principle, Boy. Kilkenny, decent folk that they are in that […]

Open wide now …

Late start today due to two hours spent in the dentist’s chair this morning, which left me with a numb jaw, a slightly drunken gait and a considerably lighter wallet. Okay, let’s get to it as there’s quite a bit to cover. The Mayo News is the obvious place to start. Johnno says he was “gutted” by the result on […]

Economies of scope

Call it killing a few birds with the one stone. Or getting a better bang for one’s buck. Or, indeed, exploiting economies of scope. What I’m talking about is using one instrument (in this instance a trip to the West at the weekend) to fulfill a number of different objectives (which I’ll outline presently, m’lud). There’s the match, of course, […]