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Couch potatoes

I haven’t been all that well tuned in to what’s been happening over the last few days, what with my eldest daughter’s First Communion on Saturday – with all the excitement, I even managed to forget my mini-league predictions for yesterday’s matches – but, from the bit of it that I saw, yesterday’s low-key action wasn’t exactly the kind of […]

More on that Westmeath game

I mentioned yesterday that we have a challenge match with Westmeath tomorrow night and now, with my thanks to Mick who was able to find out more about the event today from a well-placed source within the Westmeath camp, I can fill you in on the where and when.  The match will take place at the St Loman’s club pitch […]

More on New York game + two upcoming challenge matches

It’s Mayo News day and so there’s plenty more, if it’s more you want like, about Sunday evening’s walk in the Bronx.  There’s Mike Finnerty’s match report, Johnno’s after-match reaction and some after-match comments from MOTM Pat Harte and from Trevor.   It’s obvious that Trevor is taking his captain’s role seriously: when asked about his plans for the next […]

Interesting line-up for New York

I’m well behind the posse on this one – the team to face New York in our opening championship match of the year was announced last night.  I have a sick note, however, to cover my lateness in carrying this news – I’m not long out of the scratcher, having spent twelve hours there yesterday evening and last night with […]

Have a nice day, Johnno!

Aren’t the Yanks great with their positive outlook on life?  There we’d be muttering things like “will you look at that bollix, who does he think he is?” whereas the Americans are like walking self-help books and seem only to have bad things to say about the likes of Osama bin Laden and his ilk. So, although, he’s only getting […]

Reasons to be cheerful?

With less than five days to go until our first championship match of 2009, I guess it’s time to set down a few thoughts about what the summer might hold for us.  The last two have been as bad for us as the weather was – remember this? – but, with the long-range forecast for this summer apparently positive, does […]