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Match-day twitterings

I could end up sounding like Old Mr Brennan extolling the virtues of Facebook here but not to worry, the Lord loves a trier and all that.  A few more tech-savvy friends of mine have been blathering on at me for some time now about Twitter so, in the spirit of constant innovation and all that, I’ve decided to give […]

Face that ball!

Okay, given the day of the week what’s in it, I think it might be appropriate to bring something TGIF-ish to your attention.  I got an email the other day from the creator (who, incidentally, is a Mayoman) of a website called, which is a GAA (and rugby) prediction league website that he’s just set up.  Basically, the site […]

More match reports on yesterday’s game

There are two more match reports from yesterday’s defeat to the Rossies to draw to your attention: this good, in-depth one from my fellow Mayo GAA blogger No one Shouted Stop! and this more pithy offering from the Indo.  Neither can help to alter the result, unfortunately, but since when did winning the FBD mean anything? Hang on a minute […]