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Panic? What panic?

Having scanned the online horizon, I see there’s bugger all to report back on about Saturday’s match. A few sensitive souls could, I guess, have been a bit put out by Johnno’s interview with the Mayo News, where, for the umpteenth time, the dreaded “p” word was used but if you look carefully at what he said, it’s clear that […]


So on Saturday we’re heading to HQ for a championship match for the first time since the disastrous All-Ireland final of 2006. We have, of course, played there twice since then: in last year’s league, where we beat Galway in the semi-final and then the following weekend where we lost to Donegal in the final. But the league isn’t the […]

Take your pick

So we’re destined to pull one of Tyrone, Down, Monaghan or Kildare in tomorrow’s qualifier draw. Those who would like to see us gain a handy passage to the quarter-finals would, no doubt, want us to be paired with the Lilywhites but I think that particular easy draw will be handed to the Kerrymen. As I’ve said before, I think […]

Qualifier draw + Pierce Hanley

Just a quick one to confirm that the long-awaited qualifier draw takes place live on RTE 2 on Sunday evening, at the butt end of the Sunday Game Live programme.  They don’t do the draw till after all the live action is over and only then after they’ve shown highlights of the other matches that are due to be played […]

Ronan, Trevor and Trevor

There’s a bit in the Mayo News today on what’s the crack with injuries in the camp. As expected, the jungle drums that reported Ronan’s hamstring injury on Sunday have proved to be correct and in the Mayo News piece, it’s also been confirmed that Trevor’s injury is of the same kind. I may be wrong but I think that […]