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Club Mayo Dublin

Here’s one to bookmark: a new website for the Club Mayo Dublin initiative, which is being launched this evening in the Garda Club. There’s nothing on the website yet but, according to, there will be shortly. More on the launch after it’s over (and once I’ve caught up with tonight’s episode of Prison Break).

Super Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, a very nice Tuesday in fact. Indeed, one could say that it’s a Super Tuesday. Feck it – I will: it’s a Super Tuesday, so it is. It’s so super that I’m not doing any work at all today, as a little reward to myself for breaking my hole (figuratively, I hasten to add) in that direction these […]

More on that Derry game

If it’s more stuff you want on Saturday night’s defeat to Derry, then step right up. My fellow Mayo GAA blogger No one shouted Stop! has posted two pieces about the match, including an on-the-spot match report from Celtic Park (yes, he did get up off his hole and go to it, unlike myself). Johnno has a few quotes in […]