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Emphatic win for Mayo-fuelled Connacht

Okay, maybe the tournament is on its last legs and, while all the action was taking place this afternoon, the GAA top brass may have been tucked up in bed with their teddies Down Under, but it’s still worth mentioning that Connacht had an easy interprovincial semi-final win over Leinster this afternoon in windswept, rain-spattered Kiltoom.  They won by ten […]

A tale of two series

It’s difficult to miss the irony of the situation that sees the first International Rules test taking place just over 24 hours before the semi-finals of the Railway Cups.  But, of course, nobody needs to read the tea leaves in order to interpret what the GAA hierarchy feels about the much-maligned interprovincials, with Nickey Brennan himself declaring recently that the […]

Two more years for Johnno?

Those well-informed lads on are saying that the County Board decided the other night to give Johnno another two years – on top of the one to come, like – prowling the sideline in his bainisteoir’s bib.  This story hasn’t yet been picked up by what the Yanks call the MSM but I suppose that’s because all the GAA […]

Back to the Eighties

There’s a whole load of guff currently being churned out by the commentariat about what things were like back in the 1980s, an era which – now that we’re being ruled once again by a bunch of tossers who can’t do their sums properly – is supposedly going to bear more resemblance than we might want to the life we’re […]

Pat O’Shea calls it quits

I see that Pat “in all fairness” O’Shea has decided that, after two years in charge, he’s had enough of the Kerry hot seat.  His ears would have been ringing fairly loudly since Kerry’s All-Ireland final defeat to Tyrone last month: as Colm Keys points out in this article in the Indo, Kerry supporters are a demanding lot and any […]