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Yet another one

There’s this wonderful moment in David Lean’s 1965 classic film Doctor Zhivago when Ralph Richardson, playing Omar Sharif’s father-in-law, gives a side-splitting Home Counties interpretation of his Russian bourgeois character. As one of the local lads bursts through the door of the Siberian dacha to deliver the news about the Tsar’s demise, Richardson throws his eyes up to Heaven and, […]

Kerry’s success explained . . . well, sort of

Sean Moran had a good piece in yesterday’s Irish Times (I know, yesterday’s paper equals today’s fish ‘n chips wrapper or, at least, was until the health ‘n safety lads got on the case) where he discusses the various reasons why Kerry have enjoyed enduring success at All-Ireland level. He makes the interesting point that it’s not, as was the […]

Ritual suicide, Cork-style

If it’s ritual self-immolation you’re into, guv’nor, then Yukio Mishima is the chap for you. However, earlier today at Croke Park in what was supposed to be an All-Ireland final, Cork’s footballers ran the controversial (and, needless to say, dead) Japanese author/playwright a close second with a display of suicidal defending that simply beggared belief. They gave away three of […]


I’ve had very little time (and even less inclination) to write anything about tomorrow’s final but a few brief words are in order, I suppose. Words like Up Cork, Come On The Rebels, that sort of thing. I hope they’ll do it, not least cos I tipped them for Sam way back before the Summer we didn’t have but, in […]

Managerial merry go-round in the West now over

Galway yesterday announced that, after nearly a decade under foreign (i.e. Mayo) domination, their new manager will be a bona fide Herrin Choker. And not any old Herrin Choker either: they’ve given the job to Liam Sammon, a man with both a distinguished playing career for the county – one All-Ireland medal (1966) and three losing final appearances (1971, 1973 […]

Nothing but the same old story

The weekend’s not yet over and I’m already back at work and so with very little time to talk about today’s events at Croker where Kerry (yawn) qualified for their gazillionth All-Ireland final, overcoming the Dubs by two points. Much-hyped it may have been but today’s semi-final was an ugly, ill-tempered affair, badly refereed by the incompetent John Bannon and […]