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Arrangements for tomorrow evening

I’m in a bit of an odd mindset ahead of tomorrow evening’s match against Roscommon, for the simple fact that I’m not going to be there. Nor have I any hope of following the game from a distance either. Lookit, it’s not the first Championship match involving us that I’ve missed in recent years. Doubtless it won’t be the last […]

Site stats update

Image: Every year at the start of January one of the first posts I do is one looking back on web traffic to the site over the previous twelve months. Here’s this year’s one. This time it’s a significant one. I knew this day would come eventually and when we got turfed unceremoniously out of the championship at the […]

The plan for the next while

Over a week has now passed since our early exit from this year’s championship. In that time the world has moved on and so too has the championship. The line-up for the inaugural Super 8 All-Ireland quarter-final group series of matches has been completed and, alone amongst this year’s Division One counties, we’re not in there. How and why this […]

Site stats update

Image: Every year in early January I go a bit nerdy and do a post – largely for my own amusement – on what the web traffic to the site was in the previous year and how this measures up to the years before. Here’s the end-2017 update on this topic. The first graph below shows the annual page […]

Two big club moves

Photo: Mayo News The Mayo News has tonight come out with two exclusives concerning high-profile moves within the club scene. One is on the playing side and the other relates to management. The player in question is Donal Vaughan, with Mike Finnerty reporting (here) that he’s in the process of completing a transfer from Ballinrobe to Castlebar Mitchels. Ballinrobe dropped […]