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Arrangements for tomorrow evening

I’m in a bit of an odd mindset ahead of tomorrow evening’s match against Roscommon, for the simple fact that I’m not going to be there. Nor have I any hope of following the game from a distance either. Lookit, it’s not the first Championship match involving us that I’ve missed in recent years. Doubtless it won’t be the last […]

Site stats update

Image: Every year at the start of January one of the first posts I do is one looking back on web traffic to the site over the previous twelve months. Here’s this year’s one. This time it’s a significant one. I knew this day would come eventually and when we got turfed unceremoniously out of the championship at the […]

The plan for the next while

Over a week has now passed since our early exit from this year’s championship. In that time the world has moved on and so too has the championship. The line-up for the inaugural Super 8 All-Ireland quarter-final group series of matches has been completed and, alone amongst this year’s Division One counties, we’re not in there. How and why this […]