This page provides links to all Mayo News football podcast episodes recorded to date in 2020, which you can listen to here using the SoundCloud player for each episode.

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DATE: 10th March 2020    TITLE: Galway preview (2020, E10)

DATE: 2nd March 2020    TITLE: Kerry review (2020, E9)

DATE: 26th February 2020    TITLE: James Horan special (2020, E8)

DATE: 24th February 2020    TITLE: Monaghan review (2020, E7)

DATE: 17th February 2020    TITLE: Monaghan preview (2020, E6)

DATE: 10th February 2020    TITLE: Meath review (2020, E5)

DATE: 2nd February 2020    TITLE: Dublin review (2020, E4)

DATE: 26th January 2020    TITLE: Donegal review (2020, E3)

DATE: 21st January 2020    TITLE: League preview (2020, E2)

DATE: 13th January 2020    TITLE: Club Stars and Galway FBD review (2020, E1)