For the last few years I’ve been involved with Rob Murphy on the Mayo News football podcast, which, like the blog itself, has at this stage become part of the Mayo GAA tapestry both at inter-county and club level. 

This page provides links to all podcast episodes recorded in 2019, which you can listen to here using the SoundCloud player for each episode.

If you want to listen back to podcast episodes recorded in 2017 and 2018 you’ll find them all here.

DATE: 12th December 2019    TITLE: Chairman election special (2019, E49)

DATE: 23rd October 2019    TITLE: Club finals review (2019, E48)

DATE: 17th October 2019    TITLE: Ballyhaunis special (2019, E47)

DATE: 17th October 2019    TITLE: The Neale special (2019, E46)

DATE: 16th October 2019    TITLE: Senior final preview (2019, E45)

DATE: 9th October 2019    TITLE: Club Championship semi-final review (2019, E44)

DATE: 7th October 2019    TITLE: Kevin McStay special (2019, E43)

DATE: 25th September 2019    TITLE: Club quarter-final review (2019, E42)

DATE: 18th September 2019    TITLE: 2019 season review (2019, E41)

DATE: 12th September 2019    TITLE: Cafferkey retires, club update (2019, E40)

DATE: 29th August 2019    TITLE: Moran retires, club update (2019, E39)

DATE: 11th August 2019    TITLE: Dublin review (2019, E38)

DATE: 9th August 2019    TITLE: Bowe’s special – Dublin preview Part 2 (2019, E37)

DATE: 7th August 2019    TITLE: Dublin preview (2019, E36)

DATE: 4th August 2019    TITLE: Donegal review (2019, E35)

DATE: 31st July 2019    TITLE: Donegal preview (2019, E34)

DATE: 22nd July 2019    TITLE: Meath review (2019, E33)

DATE: 18th July 2019    TITLE: Meath preview (2019, E32)

DATE: 15th July 2019    TITLE: Kerry review (2019, E31)

DATE: 11th July 2019    TITLE: Kerry preview (2019, E30)

DATE: 7th July 2019    TITLE: Galway review (2019, E29)

DATE: 4th July 2019    TITLE: Galway preview (2019, E28)

DATE: 30th June 2019    TITLE: Armagh review (2019, E27)

DATE: 26th June 2019    TITLE: Armagh preview (2019, E26)

DATE: 23rd June 2019    TITLE: Down review (2019, E25)

DATE: 17th June 2019    TITLE: Down preview (2019, E24)

DATE: 11th June 2019    TITLE: Drawing Down (2019, E23)

DATE: 3rd June 2019    TITLE: Clones road trip (2019, E22)

DATE: 26th May 2019    TITLE: Roscommon review (2019, E21)

DATE: 23rd May 2019    TITLE: Roscommon preview (2019, E20)

DATE: 14th May 2019    TITLE: Future plans (2019, E19)

DATE: 9th May 2019    TITLE: Tales from New York (2019, E18)

DATE: 6th May 2019    TITLE: New York review (2019, E17)

DATE: 4th May 2019    TITLE: Over for the match (2019, E16)

DATE: 2nd May 2019    TITLE: LIVE show in Rossport (2019, E15)

DATE: 29th April 2019    TITLE: New York preview (2019, E14)

DATE: 10th April 2019    TITLE: League review (2019, E13)

DATE: 1st April 2019    TITLE: League champions (2019, E12)

DATE: 29th March 2019    TITLE: League final preview (2019, E11)

DATE: 25th March 2019    TITLE: Monaghan review (2019, E10)

DATE: 17th March 2019    TITLE: Kerry review (2019, E9)

DATE: 3rd March 2019    TITLE: Galway review (2019, E8)

DATE: 24th February 2019     TITLE: Dublin review (2019, E7)

DATE: 10th February 2019     TITLE: Cavan review (2019, E6)

DATE: 4th February 2019     TITLE: Tyrone review (2019, E5)

DATE: 27th January 2019     TITLE: Roscommon review (2019, E4)

DATE: 22nd January 2019     TITLE: League preview (2019, E3)

DATE: 14th January 2019     TITLE: Galway FBD League review (2019, E2)

DATE: 7th January 2019     TITLE: Penalty shootout in Leitrim (2019, E1)